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Posted by askman | Feb 28, 2012 @ 11:43 PM | 8,800 Views
well, I finally setup a new website. mostly information only at the moment, but will be adding to it. check it out and let me know what you think.
Posted by askman | Feb 17, 2012 @ 11:24 AM | 8,596 Views
Current Product roadmap 2-17-2012

Gopro vibration isolation mounting system. (samples going out monday to tester)

F450 quad system: (nose mount)
Gopro 2 Axis gimbal
Gopro Tilt Only Gimbal (upgradeable with roll)

F550 Modular system:

F550LG system
GoPro Tilt only vertical gimbal
GoPro 2Axis gimbal (complete with roll)
GoPro 2axis Yoke with roll shaft /front plate
nex5 Tilt only vertical gimbal
nex5 2 axis gimbal (complete with roll)
DSLR TIlt only vertical gimbal (design complete, available soon for testing)
GoPro 2axis Yoke with roll shaft/front plate
Pan Module for the LG system (design complete, sample going to tester)
Roll module upgrade for the Vertial tilt only gimbal.
various part kits for LG and gimbals.

Version of gimbals for mounting to AGLhobby Frameset/floating mount. (available soon)

Polecam module/adapter for all the gimbals. (including tilt only and roll/tilt gimbal) (design complete)

coming soon:
DSLR 2/3 axis system. (being designed)
Posted by askman | Feb 11, 2012 @ 11:08 PM | 7,995 Views
as promised, I will release some of my old gcode file used to create some of my old camera mount. I am starting with the old APCAM seris for slow stick. It is released under GNU GPL for personal use only. not for commercial sale. I am also making available the SS LG file.

I will update this thread as time permits. I code most of mine straight into gcode instead of using DXF. so, check back regularly for complete set.

next is trex 450 LG setup (v1.2) which uses the apcam gimbal.

I used old eco 8 ball and ball link on the apcam gimbal, but just about any ball link can be used. I also used 1" diameter delrin with 1/2" hole to make the ball link joint.
Posted by askman | Feb 01, 2012 @ 10:17 PM | 8,079 Views
as I have announced, I am back in business, but I will not be selling directly. My good friends at tppacks and dji-usa will be handling all my products for now. This is so that I can concentrate on developing my product line and produce best camera gimbal at affordable prices.

I have many ideas I want to working on, and as they become close to final product, I will have some beta testing opportunties for some people on new products. I will announce such opportunities here.

First items will be available for sale by 10th of Feb. These will include:

Gopro Gimbal in either Nose mount configuration or for DJI550 LG system.

DJI 550 LG system base kit.

latest video from seismicwave on HFP

20120202 askman "Crab" and gimbal test NEX 5N HFP (2 min 33 sec)

he is also getting the latest LG system and parts to update his gimbals. he should have it by saturday. I also expect Gary to have his DJI-550 running. I will also be shipping couple test unit early next week as well.

I am trying to get enough testing on various platform before release, so we can have successful launch. If all go according to plan, nex5 gimbal should be available by second half of the month. I will also have Polecam adapter and Pan adapter should be available by this time..

My next project is the DSLR version of the gimbal which will have a deeper and wider yoke I believe this will require slightly heavier duty LG and roll assembly. I will need to test it thoroughly before I will be confident. target is 3lb camera load. (most DSLR with reasonable lens)

the 550 LG system can easily be adapted to other multicopters

Nex5 system is in final testing, and will be available. (this month) It is very simple to change from gopro to nex5 so if you prefer, you can also get it with both yoke.

anyway, glad to be back.