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Posted by askman | Jan 30, 2012 @ 11:17 AM | 7,551 Views
with help of seismic, I am learning lot about various FCB and its foibles. Gary has been having pretty good result from Naza at least flying f450 and my gopro gimbal. I also have gotten some hoverfly Pro footage from Seismic using my nex5 gimbal on my crab folder testbed. (thanks seismic)

20120129 askman crab HFPro NEX 5N (2 min 14 sec)

there are few things we need to do on servo setup that should improve things, but not bad for early test. we've been having some issues with openCC board with the gimbal control, so I will be looking at this issue this week. Seems like the state of gimbal control is bit of gamble. on the open sourced firmware, we will be giving feedback to the coders to see if they can make firmware fixes. I do believe as a community, we need to do our best to help out, but it also tells me that we need an affordable camera control board that we can setup specifically just for camera.

I will post more videos as I get more. Gary has been busy getting F450 setup perfected, and his latest videos are very encouraging. so pretty happy with how the gimbal is performing. I am making some minor changes for easier manufacturing and reliability, but overal, it is all set to go.

here is latest f450 video. Gary is running 5v on his servo, and going to try 7.4v next.

F450 GoPro Gimbal Test-08.mp4 (4 min 41 sec)
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Posted by askman | Jan 14, 2012 @ 10:25 PM | 7,515 Views
Since cat is out of the bag so to speak, I am back in to developing new product for Aerial Photo. First of them will be tested by gary goodrum and seismicwave. gary has the gopro version for his DJI being setup and seismic will soon have his nex5 version designed for the new folding quad that I posted here. I am working on the new leg system for the two gimbal, then I will add pan system as well. I will also be updating the Large DSLR gimbal, but still deciding on the roll. to keep it affordable, I may go top roll with belt drive, but yoke design is still in the running.

I am also updating the pole cam gimbals. The updated design will be for smaller DSLR that is so common these days, and premium put on lighter weight and affordability. There are good heavy duty pole cam gimbals available from other vendors, but nothing that is lighter for average AP professional that want to use the latest camera that offers excellent performance without the weight. I will have 2 and 3 axis version of polecam with open loop servo.

anyway, I will post more detail/pic as I get them finished.
current status : nex5/gopro nose and underleg mount system is almost out of design and being testted. will be available very soon.

I am making it so that it will be very easy to change between the gimbal from leg to nose setup. (need 2 piece adapter kit costing 10 bucks)
LG system will be very rigid and strong. it is 17 CNC'd part and will have some flexibility to mounting the gimbal.

Nex5 gimbal is designed to use the pancake lens. recommended total load of 1.5lb/600gm or under. The yoke depth will preclude usage of large/heavy lens. If you really want to fly the heaviest lens, you will need to get the DSLR version which will have deeper yoke and designed for heavier load.