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Posted by askman | Dec 10, 2011 @ 11:10 PM | 7,783 Views
well. 10mm version is fairly on its way, and I wanted to start a 5/8" boom version. so here it is start of the build. main plate with mount for battery/gimbal. it will use .25" fiberglass tube for the gimbal/main. I have do some work to make sure it works and is safely secured. I have some ideas to add extra security. tomorrow, I need to pick up some tube and make the battery mount and the gimbal. I will also need to mount the boom and motorplate/lg setup. with 15" boom (half the bar) you will end up with quad that is 20"x30" motor to motor. this will be setup for 12" blade and 4S5000 pack.

current weight is about 16oz. it is really heavy duty as I made it with 3/32" thick g-10. 3" long LG should give plenty of clearance for the nose mount camera gimbal. (and easy to make it longer) I can easily shave some weight. anyway, camera gimbals are next.