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Posted by Sniperp | Jan 15, 2012 @ 01:10 PM | 2,514 Views
After deployment I decided to turn my love of flying into a part of my job as an EOD technition for the US Navy. I wanted to have something as a recon flyer and support for our ground bot. I needed something that would be stable and easy to fly, that way someone with very little training could use this very easily.
I decied on a Quad because it would be very stable and easy to fly. I'm currently use a stock GAUI 500X with FPV gear as a basic test platform. Its working good but having stability and durability issues. Thats why im looking at upgrading to an innov8tive frame and a DJI Wookong flight controller. My GAUI is currently grounded because a channel on the GAUI-344 flight controller died on me so i had to send it back in for repair.
Im hoping thst once i get a stable and powerfull enough platform that EOD will pick it up and if that happens im hoping to demonstrate it for other communities and services. My biggest hurdle is showing how versitale this quad can be and justifying the price tag, I'm guessing its going to be upwards of $5-$7,000.
If anyone has any suggestion onon items to test out id greatly appreciate it, here is my list things i need the wuad to be able to do
1) Durable
2) Easy to fly
3) Long flight times, i would like 30-45min but will do 15-20min
4) Pick up and drop a 2-5 pound payload
5) Can be flown FPV
Posted by Sniperp | Jan 09, 2012 @ 08:41 PM | 2,661 Views
I started 10 years ago when my brother in law gave me a nearly complet Carl Goldburg Eaglet. It was completly built except for the electronics and engine, took me a few months because i was only 16 so money was kinda scarce but i got her flying and on her maiden flight i was doing real good until i decided to push my limits and try a loop just a hair to low to the ground and belly landed it. Tore the engine off, ripped landing gear away, and cracked the lower fuselage. She got reapired and i got a few small flights in, but then I was doing some work on the eninge in my basement i learned a very important, work BEHIND the prop. I acidently put my hand threw the prop reaching for needle valve. 5 hours, 9 stiches, and a missing finger nail across 4 of my fingers on my right hand I put it away and didnt touch it for years. Life, school, then growing up and going into the military i couldnt touch my aircraft for YEARS! Finally i got settled in a place, Virginia Beach, and got my eaglet brought out to me. I started flying again and started remember how much i loved it. That was 2 years ago and now my hanger has grown to 6 planes, 3 helicopters, and a quad copter, totaling around $7,000 NOT including repair parts, anything from micro planes to a 25% SU-31, my second plane yay bad choice lol. I fly almost everyday and have started getting into FPV flyign and getting my flying into my work, but that will be part of another blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions just shoot me a messege, i love helping out fellow pilots in any way i can.