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Posted by vhuang168 | Apr 09, 2011 @ 09:31 PM | 6,770 Views
So after a few trimming flights, I finally took my Radian Pro up and caught some nice thermals. But when I took in for a landing, got into a little sink. Dipped a wing trying to cruise in barely a foot off the deck and the plane took a tumble.

Upon inspection, the right wing mounting tab broke off at the screw.

Took it home and started repairs.

The plan was to cut some ply, find a way to attach it to the broken section. Strength with some carbon strips.

Didn't have any ply but had some spare basswood. Also cut the carbon reinforcement strip to length. Cut 1 for the other unbroken side as well. Figured I'm here, might as well do it too.

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