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Posted by sid.huang | Feb 20, 2012 @ 07:13 AM | 22,919 Views


Frequency range configurable.
Spectrum Analyzer .
Analog signal buffered output <RSSI OR LQI>.
PPM Channel / PWM1-PWM5 Configurable.
PWM5: SBUS ,PPM, PWM5 Configurable.
Sensitivity: -115dBm

New 8CH RX V3 release;

2CH / 4CH RX will be discontinue.

4/8 CH RX:
1. sensitivity improve.
rv v2-v2.20.hex is for 8/4ch rx;
1. sbus will output fs state when rx fs actived.
2.improve power dissipation, down to 55mA;, include the v2.11 fw for rangelink tx,
-with some changes:
tx fw v2.11 with follow channges
- pause/continue the headtracker when short pressing the tx button.
- active / de-active the override settings when press down and hold the tx button until the beep up.

short press : less 0.8s
ON/OFF the override settings: ~0.8s - BEEP
FS settings: ~4s - TX LED off

-----------------------rangelink tx-------------------------
v1.03 First Customer Release.
1.fixed interference with vrx 1.2GHZ system. futaba radio 12ch ppm mode (only at teacher mode).
{Only tested with 12FG}
v1.27 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable (on rssi pin)

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