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Posted by PyroMan | Jan 09, 2013 @ 05:51 PM | 2,788 Views
If you'd like to see the things I build, check out my blog here -
Posted by PyroMan | Dec 11, 2011 @ 03:32 PM | 7,023 Views
So here's my lipo charging box. It's made out of an old military ammo box. I have my Dynam Supermate mounted to the side using a bent piece of aluminium that sticks into the fins on the side of the charger. The aluminum is then bolted to the side of the ammo box. I cut two holes in the ammo box, put in rubber grommets, and then slipped the wires though.
I have Ziplocks covered in duct tape (so they don't tear) filled with sand lining the inside of the box. This is that if I ever have a lipo fire I hope that the fire would burn through the ziplocks, and that the sand will pour over the lipo diminishing the fire.
Yeah, that's about it . . . here are some pictures . . .
Posted by PyroMan | Jul 07, 2011 @ 11:00 PM | 4,048 Views
Hey, I thought I'd just share how I built the camera mount I used in the onboard footage I took with my Slow Stick.

So what I did was . . . I took a really cheap ball-swivel mini tripod I had (I think I got mine from Dollar Tree) and I took of the legs. On the 'head' of the tripod there was a screw on the backside that held the legs on. I took a piece of aluminium (mine measured 1/16in x 3/4in x ~3in) and 3/4in. from one end I bent a 90* angle into it. On the 3/4in long side of the bent aluminium I drilled a hole for the screw that's on the backside of the tripod head to go through. I then mounted the tripod head, using the screw, to the aluminum piece.

For the camera I have a Kodak Mini video camera, this camera has no tripod mount on it so I modified it. I took a file and filed the top of the camera so I could have a flat spot on which I mounted a 1/4 20 nut on. (the standard tripod camera mounting bolt is a 1/4 20 bolt, therefore I used a 1/4 20 nut) I superglued the nut onto the top of the camera and wrapped sewing thread around it and soaked that with superglue, this creates a fiberglass type material and is super strong.

To use it I just zip-tie the aluminum piece to the bottom of my plane, screw on the camera, adjust the angle to what I want, and fly!

Look at the pictures to better understand what I did . . .