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Posted by elecracer | May 22, 2011 @ 07:57 AM | 4,595 Views
Well its almost finished

What started life as a .40 glow powered model, that was in a sorry state but the structure was sound, covered in red solartex that was fuel soaked. The conversion to electric power began.

After what seems to be an absolute age, I can almost say its complete, apart from the cockpit detail (pilot etc) its ready for more test flights.
I have already complete 4 flights in its current state, big thanks to Electriflier for the occasional kick up the to get this ready.

The first couple of test flights were lets say 'unforgiving' started with a 1373 watt motor on 3s, this proved to be underpowered and model tip stalled on take off, not too much damage. 2nd attempt on same set-up, the model got approx. 6 foot in the air and again tipped stalled, bent motor shaft and some slight damage to fuselage front area. On testing the model back at the shop on a watt meter it was only giving 200 watts max. Very underpowered on 3s lipo.
So a change of motor to the thumper 4240 890kv and watt meter tests showed around 500 watts on 3s (this was a better result)
3rd test flight, model took off no problems BUT it was very tail heavy a quick circuit to make an approach for landing, and the Cub tipped stalled, a 60 foot dropped with a couple of spirals and thud !! more major damage was caused, a really bent motor shaft, major damge to cockpit area and firewall.
Throughout the flight, all I could do was concentrate on the model, and unfortunately I let the...Continue Reading