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Posted by efflandt | Jun 02, 2011 @ 10:14 PM | 2,470 Views
My dad flew RC back in the days of balsa and doped silk. His receiver was transistorized, but he had a tube transmitter [(2) 67.5 volt batteries] and not proportional, so the 27 MHz 4 channel was up/down/left/right. His nitro motor was too big, so being an engineer, he cobbled up a wire to the elevator servo that worked a throttle servo. That was limited success when the plane started looping and he tried to reduce throttle with down elevator a little to soon (lawn dart).

I have always been interested in flying and took an introductory flying lesson (30 minutes for $20) when I first moved to IL for work. But I weighed the cost of a pilot's license vs. a sailboat and the sailboat won. Sold the 14' O'day Javalin 8 years later for about what I paid for it (price of fiberglass had gone up).

During end of the year holidays of 2010 I stumbled on a Air Hogs Hawk Eye helicopter with built-in video camera. But its trim did not work and 2 channel IR was very limited. So early 2011 ordered a Walkera 200D02, but then figured I should get some practice with mSR and 120SR first and also bought a DX6i. I intended to get into a larger CP heli, but realized from the sims that it was very difficult to tell invisible blade angle at a distance (kept slipping sim into the ground), and wings were much easier to see and fly. I also discovered that small heli's do not like wind at all, and the Walkera strips its main gear easily.

So I got an ultra micro BNF J-3 Cub, to could use mSR...Continue Reading