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Posted by shmed | Jul 22, 2012 @ 01:27 AM | 2,252 Views
Hi I just got a used CEN CT5 and it the guy gave me a set of brand new 25t pulleys with the matching belts (brand new). It currently has the 17t pulleys installed with belts that are less than past there prime and I was just wondering how much of a difference in acceleration there will be when I change the pulleys back. doesn't really matter too much. I just like more of the acceleration rather than blistering top speed. and also is it bad for the pulleys to run belts that appear to need a change out? is that how you strip them? thanks any input would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by shmed | May 01, 2012 @ 11:01 PM | 2,465 Views
well I have flown planes for about three years now and recently had a chance to acquire a crashed Blade 400 for next to nothing due to the owners frustration. I have been wanting to break into helis for a bit now but don't have the money to drop on a decent heli so I was ecstatic when this opportunity came along. although it was a little more damaged than the person first led me to believe, which I kinda expected, it was still only going to cost me $80 to get it in the air I'm pretty happy.

So I have found going throughout the heli looking for damages and bends and what not I have found I definitely need to replace the tail rotor shaft maybe the belt two of the servoes main blades tail blades and my lhs guy said the main shaft needed to be replaced and I already grabbed a feathering shaft but the previous owner seemed to have disassembled the feathering shaft and lost some of the washers and that was disappointing to find.

but all in all it was an amazing deal even just for the radio itself would have been worth it. its very interesting all the stuff i've learn just in the past two days about the heli and am very nervous to fly it but I have a flight sim that I started playing with helis on a while back and have gotten pretty good at hovering and forward flight but i guess worse case scenario it crashes which sh#$t happens.

And I have a question for anyone who may have some incite I'm basically looking to replace all the required parts for the feathering spindle. DOES the complete Blade 400 hardware kit have those parts or is there another kit i need anything would help.
Posted by shmed | Apr 20, 2012 @ 11:54 AM | 2,828 Views
well I had a stroke of good luck at a recent family yard sale and ended up taking home a free featherlite my sister was going to give to anyone who wanted it. So I decided I would do something and then had a great idea of converting it for RC.

Everything is going well with the conversion so far cutting down all the unnecessary chunks of metal over the entire engine. I plan on cleaning it and painting it. I have a restricted budget and so I'm trying to build myself a gas plane for as little as possible as long as it takes (I'm estimating a year or so) I have some electrics to keep me in the air while I'm not building any foamys.

so my situation is as follows. while I am trying to keep this as cheap as possible I want it to be on a smaller plane not a giant scale telemaster. so I looked into gas/glow conversion and it would be ideal for the weight reduction eliminating a 16oz flywheel and 9oz+- magneto. I was wondering if anyone has converted any weed eater engines to glow without any ignition or changing of the carb. I was planning on going an just trying it but I would need to buy the spark plug converter, glow starter, and fuel and that would be all money down the drain if it turned out to be a dead end.

so any suggestions incite or reading material online would be greatly appreciated!!
Posted by shmed | Apr 09, 2012 @ 11:45 PM | 3,500 Views
Well I got alittle too excited the other day and destroyed my PZ P-51 UM. I was pretty sad. So i remembered that hobbylobby had those balsawood models and I figured I do some research and found a bunch of people converting them to rc. so i ended up getting one and I ended up building it in less time then I thought it would take with I think for only my second balsa model build pretty good results. so I guess I'll be posting pics periodically I'm kind of doing this backwards but I just get so engrossed in building and after getting all my calculus homework done. well anyways this isnt a journalism site its an rc forum so Ill start off with
My electronics setup consist of all the innereds from my p-51 and an extra aileron servo from my old sukhoi(extreme disapointment) and odds and ends parts.

I started this build with the stabilizer to make sure I could successfully modify them to fit my needs.
Posted by shmed | Feb 18, 2012 @ 10:19 PM | 2,673 Views
Finally decided to invest in a cheap mini camera since I had to get other parts I figured an extra $13 wouldn't be a bad idea it would be cheaper than doing it by itself shipping would be more than the camera.
well anyways I have strapped it onto a few planes (experimental aircraft) that although they were not long flights due to them falling out of the sky I couldn't get the camera angle right. each time I viewed the footage post flight it was mostly sky or a combination of bouncing up and down from ground to sky.
Finally I got yet another chance to take my Dynam out to my parents were I have a good amount of land to comfortably bring it down to earth. I decided to Velcro the camera on one of the wings close to the fuselage pointing straight down. I got a great amount of footage that was mostly pointed down at the ground but also spinning and then rocking and bouncing. The video is almost sickening to watch at some points because of all the sporadic motion.
So now I figure If I build a gyroscope for the camera I can get good fairly steady footage. so I made a rough prototype and Hope to make it out of something more rigid. I may send it up just to see what I'll have to do to the design. Im afraid of the wind pushing on the camera forcing it to point pretty much backwards but I figure a horizontal stab like the elevator on a plane may fix that but i guess before I can tell what to do Ill have to see what it does in operation.

If anyone has done anything like this or has any type of ideas on the subject I'm open to anything.
Posted by shmed | Jan 29, 2012 @ 02:36 AM | 2,969 Views
I have never flown a biplane so i decided to make one. I had just enough blue foam to make a tiny one. so i sat down and just threw one together in about 3 hours. In my experience anytime I have put minimal time into a plane and just made it up as I go along I end up making a plane that I love to fly. so hope it goes that way this time it looks better than some of the planes I've made in the past in more time.

So pretty much I have all the components of my pz Sukhoi (big disappointment) just rigged on this hunk of foam. I hope to fly it soon but who knows with my luck any time the wind dies down enough for my UMs as soon as I step outside with intentions to fly it seems a hurricane hits.
Posted by shmed | Jan 28, 2012 @ 08:05 PM | 2,638 Views
Just went to the hobby shop and picked up the battery I was looking at. I got the 2250 45c 3s battery. they just started carrying them and I'm going to use it in my Sonic and hopefully that will solve my heating problems. I'm really excited about this battery. It seems to be great quality but well see how it works out.
Posted by shmed | Jan 27, 2012 @ 10:45 PM | 3,088 Views
I built this a few months ago and i thought id just share it. I got board one night and stayed up in the wee hours of morning building this from thought. I wanted a nice stable high wing and I kind of wanted to try making a twin boom so I could make it a pusher because I had recently found out that all 4 of my motors *unknown to me were actually severely damaged and rendered useless.
So i proceeded to finish this plane it took me just a few days and decided to take a chance and use a .10 size thundre tiger motor i had that i had recently taken into the ground due to a glitch that took me by suprise *first ever about a two year span I can blame a crash on the glitch that time. So I finished and built the plane and I was alittle nervous having thought it up and it was all purly guess work I decided to add alittle more wing area to help aid in the not crashing part of my maiden flight.
In the end the plane's wing span was about 5'10" or so. so far the largest plane I've ever built or flown. It came in at about 20 to 30 oz. I was very nervous about the maiden but the flight was amazingly smooth and stable with all the wing area it was very floaty. but it was pretty underpowered just having enough power to float it around but all around I was very happy with the outcome. since then i removed the faulty motor and the extra wing area and decided to add rudders. so now its sitting on my dresser with rudders not doing anything so hopefully I'll eventually get a motor for it I have some i've found that look promising just not the funding at the moment or the time since the semester is in full swing I dont have as much time to build due to homework taking priority haha.
here are the links I had my wife/camerawoman take the video.

the launch scared me haha
Twin Boom scratch build. (1 min 35 sec)

landing my twin boom foamy (1 min 20 sec)

Posted by shmed | Jan 26, 2012 @ 09:45 PM | 2,842 Views
I finally flew my P-51 since rebuilding it and buying a DX6i. It is so much of a differnce flying with the better tx. It feels more like your flying it than fighting to keep it steady. I enjoyed flying it before but with the dx6 it is a whole lot more fun and its easier to fly inverted or do a wide rolling circle around the baseball field i fly at.
Posted by shmed | Jan 21, 2012 @ 09:25 PM | 2,968 Views
Anyone out there fly around cookeville? I know there is an AMA field off 111 but I drove past there one day and it was closed so I'm assuming it is closed until events. I want to find a place I can fly my power glider somewhere around cookeville. Anyone know of such a magical place?

And also if you fly in cookeville hi nice to meet you I recently moved here! mabe we can fly togeter. I go to school alot so any time i get to fly i cherish it.
Posted by shmed | Jan 21, 2012 @ 08:40 PM | 3,216 Views
Has anyone out there experimented with battery packs on the sonic? I tried a 1000mah battery and was only able to comfortably get out about 5 minutes but that was during conditions not really ideal for trying to catch any thermals and what not. A few days later I tried my 2000mah rig and got about 15 minutes.

I guess what I'm trying to get across as the question is has anyone got substantial flight time out of a 1000mah battery from a Dynam sonic 185?
Posted by shmed | Jan 16, 2012 @ 04:17 PM | 2,676 Views
I stayed the weekend at my father-in-laws house this past weekend were he has a small field behind his house. I took advantage of the situation and got in a couple of flights.

My first flight ended abruptly when i ran into a small 10' tree that jumped up out of nowhere when I was losing altitude from a decent glide. it tore about a 4 inch portion of my wing tip and that was about it. I then just tossed it back up and in total i got about 15 minutes of flight time from my 2000mah rig. I came in and this plane refuses to land so it takes a good *estimated 1/10 of a mile approach to get the slightest reduction in airspeed. although it still comes in a bit faster than i would like its easily kept level so it isn't difficult to bring it to a good sliding halt on its belly.

Some landings you get the unfortunate landing in which you catch the any bit of your wing the wrong way on the ground and your plane violently spins. It is a terrible sight but in the two times I've had it happen the plane has had no damage.

My last flight before leaving today I was able to test the sonic in the wind. In about 20mph wind it flew like a champ and for a large plane that has a large surface area to get forced back the powerful motor still pulls it through breaking through the wind with pretty substantial speed. Also when i hit the flaps the plane sits in place just riding the wind taking it all in. I was sad when it started raining I had to do a quick "dirty...Continue Reading
Posted by shmed | Jan 13, 2012 @ 11:40 PM | 3,336 Views
After months of searching and researching. Come Christmas I decided I would finally take a break from scratch built foamys and I ordered the Dynam Sonic 185. It looked like a great plane and I've always wanted to fly for more than 6 or 7 minutes. So I ordered it ARF pretty inexpensive I recently invested in a spektrum dx6i w/receiver i would put in the new plane.

I was of course extremely excited waiting for my new toy to arrive and when the package arrived I was extremely thrilled. I had found few posts about lack of power and or damage to the contents of the package and these were not my misfortunes. I received a pristine airplane that I quickly yet carefully assembled tested checked and rechecked everything. The only disappointment was I cannot see in the dark so flying was not for a few days.

My first flight of the beastly 185 was not disappointing to say the least but I was saddened when I brought the bird down to check voltage. when I sent it up it was running on a 1000mah e-flite battery charged to 12.6v. when i check everything post flight other than being too hot for comfort the voltage was down past 10.00v.

so my first order of business was to take my Buck knife and I made a hole in the mock carbon fiber canopy about 1/4 of an inch just to encourage more airflow. Then I took my other 1000mah e-flite and sent the plane back into action. Although fearful I may have ruined my other battery I put on the timer 5 min to ensure the chance of...Continue Reading