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Posted by k4zep | Aug 17, 2017 @ 08:17 AM | 1,579 Views
Now folks, this is written off the cuff, sort of meandering and sharing the thoughts of an ol Fart glider guider, so go easy on me. As time permits, I'm going to explore stabilization, in gliders. More specifically, the electric glider. You must realize that as the rules now stand, not much of what I will discuss below will be usable at contest, but remember I fly my gliders 95% of the time for fun, Contest, where the sky's are blue and the BS knee deep, are just gravy now. Having flown gliders since 1967, Varios for 40+ years, stabilization of some form for 30 years, I am a true glider fanatic.
October 17, 2017
Whew, been busy lately. Testing, flying, working with my "Cyclops Storm" autopilot. Took me a day to get it working right. Rediscovered ground loops, fixed with a secondary isolated switching PS for the "Radio" side of the AP. and noise on signal, twitching servos from lack of shielding on all cables, it's amazing that it works at all but finally got the bugs worked out "I think". Yesterday, finally flew it in my trusty old Paragon, with stabilization on Rudder and Elevator! Whew. It works great on elevator. Rudder is another thing. Watching the recorded video from the plane, over 5 flights, it simply can't handle it right. Kept lowering the loop gain and it still was a drunken sailor! Arrrggggghhh. It sort of works but with the RTH (Return to home) function, it...Continue Reading