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Posted by Tombo25 | Oct 21, 2012 @ 01:49 PM | 3,982 Views
Ive built one of these!!!

Maiden today - no winds, very calm, slightly misty - 4 landings and launches

Very easy to fly, no trim required and with the power off it simply floats.

Videos here:

West Wings Orion E - North Yorkshire Moors 1 (0 min 9 sec)

and here:

West Wings Orion E - North Yorkshire Moors 2 (0 min 12 sec)
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Posted by Tombo25 | May 31, 2012 @ 12:41 PM | 2,993 Views
I have been looking for my next model for quite a while, whilst my Fun Cub is fun, I didnt get as much enjoyment out of the build as I did with my ill fated Stevens Aero RV4. Being a beginner I thought I would build something simple and I wanted to see what a british manufacturer could offer. After much searching on the internets I found this company:

I have ordered their starter model called the Flutterbug, its designed to be a trainer so its only three channel, so Im hoping that it wont end up like my RV4 did!

I ordered on Monday, intrestingly enough FMK will give all their customers credit and will simply invoice you for the goods you recieve. I ordered and paid by credit card however. I recieved a postage notice on Tuesday, so I really hope it arrives before the Bank Holiday weekend. Its Queenies birthday or summat so I get an extra build day! Thanks mam as in jam.
Posted by Tombo25 | Mar 28, 2011 @ 03:34 PM | 3,563 Views
I have had my eye on a Stevens Aero RV-4 for some time now, after my dabble with a West Wings Spitfire, I was hooked on balsa construction but was looking for somthing that would actually fly in a fairly straight line (The West Wings kit was good but my building skills were not!)

First impressions of this kit are; simple to follow detailed instructions, can almost build completely off plan, everything just fits nicely and has been very well thought out. The provision of differing slots for servos and choice of motor mount make this a flexible and adaptable model.

Started off by building the rudder and elevator, the parts pop out of the balsa sheeting and everything nicely locks together. As I said before you can build completely off plan which makes building in a small work area easy.

Before I knew it the fusalage was complete and sheeted. The wing is almost finished, happy days!