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Posted by wjohnson1186 | Jun 06, 2011 @ 06:05 PM | 1,781 Views
So it has been a bit since I updated this blog with my flying adventures. I am just going to go down the list and number them of what has happen.

1) Crashed Nexstar Mini. It has a broken motor mount and the top wing joint got ripped out. It needs a new fuselage and I am going to get a new one eventually.

2) Crashed Parkzone Trojan 3 times. First time, forgot timer, just landed hard and a wing wheel popped out. Second time, I don't know. Had some receiver issue and it took a nose dive. Replaced cowl, motor mount, prop, and wing to fuselage mount. Third time, forgot the timer again, and didn't have enough power to go for a second landing. It was about five feet from the ground and it turned nosed down. Just broke the wing mount again. Thinking of ways to fix, gonna try them tonight. I may just glue the wing straight to the fuselage.

3) Purchased an Eflite Carbon Z Yak 54. Great plane, just crashed it a few times. First time it was raining and I think I have some receiver issues again as this one was an Orange (HobbyKing) one. I have since upgraded to a Spektrum one. The fuselage broke clean in half in the rear cockpit, but it is back to flying from that nose dive. Since then I have had some vibration issues. Not sure what they are, but I am working on figuring them out. Replaced bent motor shafts, prop adapters, motor mount, and props. Not sure what to keep trying. I think I bent the first prop adapter, and now the new one I got a couple of...Continue Reading
Posted by wjohnson1186 | Mar 26, 2011 @ 12:57 PM | 2,058 Views
So, I am very happy with my PZ Trojan. Plus, I am waiting for a calm *cough never happening soon cough* day in town to fly my Nexstar Mini with a camera in it. I also picked up a UM Sukhoi from the hobby shop that is closing down nearby for deal, as well as getting a Spektrum DX7!

Now that I can fly everything and will probably be riding these out for a while, I was thinking about what would be the next plane so that I can either start gathering parts/saving money for the next adventure. I am currently working on getting the Trojan to do a Knife Edge, but its a bit tricky. The simulator says I can do it, but now to see if I can in the real life simulator.

Any thoughts as to what would be the next step? I love the Trojan's speed and versatility but as always, I want to do more. What should I look into next?

Thanks for looking!
Posted by wjohnson1186 | Mar 19, 2011 @ 12:32 PM | 2,650 Views
So I decided to take my next step. I love my Mini but I know I can do more. I have only had one little bump with her and I accidently came down to do a pass and hit her landing gear on the ground. BUT! With that mistake I learned how to fix her. With some extra balsa wood and 5-min epoxy, she is ready to go again. Now I am working on putting a small camera in her, and am waiting for a calmer day in CC for that.

So for the next plane I was thinking of getting a Parkzone Corsair. I was ready to make the purchase when I heard about a hobby shop nearby was closing up, so I ventured out there and found a Parkzone T-28F Trojan hung in the air and decided that was my next toy. I also got a great deal so I picked up some props to make sure I can fix it when necessary. I bought her as a plug in play as I had the receiver/transmitter from my Mini that I could use.

I finally got an adapter working later to get my batteries to work and VOILA! She runs!

But here comes the weird part and if anyone can help me out on what they think let me know. So I decided to maiden her yesterday. It was a bit windy but I had flown my Mini in a day like it before with no real problems, so I figured I could handle it even with being a newb at a lot of this.

I preformed a pre-flight check of ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle, and everything worked. As she took off I knew the first things to do was get altitude. I was working on that and throttling her back because she was...Continue Reading
Posted by wjohnson1186 | Mar 08, 2011 @ 01:04 AM | 2,789 Views
So I am looking to what I can make my next plane. But I kind of want to save on cash and was thinking that I can take what my Mini has and put it to use on my next project.

The tech specs are a SuperTigre® 400 brushless motor, SuperTigre 20A brushless ESC, and (4) ElectriFly™ ES50 Nano servos that could be moved to my next project.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Posted by wjohnson1186 | Mar 07, 2011 @ 01:12 PM | 2,613 Views
I am new to this Flying Game and I am looking to dive right into it. I have always had a love for planes and a coworker finally convinced me to make a purchase.

I will post the planes that I have here to share what I have. I am still in trainer mode, but I haven't destroyed my Mini yet so I am looking to move up!

My first (and not my last) plane is my Nexstar Mini Ep. This puppy can fly. It has more power that I think a Trainer should have but it handles the South Texas winds nicely. I am very happy with my first plane.