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Posted by DoctorSpin | Jun 08, 2011 @ 01:48 AM | 3,490 Views
After perusing the fora,
I formed this amalgam of recommendations for a small quadrotor build

18-11 2000kv outrunners(10g)
6A Turnigy Plush ESC
4x2.5 props
3S 800mAh

There might be a problem with the BlueSeries ESC and the 1811/2000kv motors
I read of one user having rough motor starts with this setup
but they were very cheap (and in stock) so good for having a go
I will be checking the soldering
I thought the Plush were out of stock at the time I ordered but they were in stock when I looked later. Well I have ordered the BlueSeries now.
We will see.

3S 800mAh is great for me as almost everything runs on those around here

My order with HK all in stock as I write.
Herewith the buddy codes for your enjoyment.

3x2 Propeller (Counter Rotating) (5Pcs/Bag)

3x2 Propellers (5Pcs/Bag)

4x2.5R Propellers (Counter Rotating) (5Pcs/B

4x2.5 Propellers (5Pcs/Bag)

18-11 2000kv Micro Brushless Outrunner (10g) x4

HobbyKing 12A BlueSeries BL ESC+1A BEC x4

HobbyKing Programming card for BlueSeries ESC
Posted by DoctorSpin | Mar 01, 2011 @ 10:08 PM | 2,461 Views
I suck as a pilot, but I keep trying and I will slowly get better I guess.

Im trying to get my head around the 90deg flybar Hillier head on the HBFPV2
Im using FMS which gives me a similar experience to my attempts to fly in the field. I can hold it for a bit, then its just swinging wildly through the air as I apply one overcorrection after another, always that bit too late.

Its improving very slowly, but im a persistent sob.
My main flight experience is the Solo Pro V and its not a thorough preparation for the bee because of its 30deg flybar and Bell head.
I live in a small flat and my area has limited open space for outdoor flying and often has a good breeze going, Ive decided that I need to be less woosy about flying in a bit of breeze and I have been practicing with the SPV infront of the airconditioner.

I went out with my mate Pete the Pilot on the weekend and he was hovering his Twister Storm 3D 450 quite nicely. I ws having a crappy day and knew I didnt have the zen for the bee but I was so jealous of how well he was hovering his bird that I had to have a go.
Should have known better. 10s after takeoff I had dropped it on the ground 30m away instead of ploughing it into a tree. Another blade grip link ball busted off. I was so disgusted I stuck the whole box in the corner when I got home so I didnt have to look at it.
Today I have it out again and Im replacing the blade grip and getting it set up again.

Its basically stock apart from the missing tail fin which I have replaced with a wire leg and the Xtreme fibre reinforced blades. I have also put the swash to head links on the long swash arms which I think is helping. I also have extra weights on the flybar.

I have several mates with less experience than I who are trying to fly the same bird so I want to solve the problems with a near stock setup.