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Posted by yomgui | Jun 29, 2011 @ 11:03 AM | 7,219 Views
This homemade torque test bench gives very good results.

If the drive's resistance and no-load torque are known or well estimated, it allows to modelize a motor's performances with precision, based on amps, volts and rpm measurements.

Calculated values for power at the shaft are close to measured values, with an average error of 0,7% (max error = 3 %, but with the motor being run under bad conditions, with bad efficiency).

In fact, I think I can modelize a motor in a quite better way than only using amps, volts and rpm measurements (with kv thought as constant). BUT, it is very very close to any model taking into account inductance and to me it proves their reliability (thinking about drivecalc).

Well, I think...! I'm not at all a scientist...