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Posted by nogas | Mar 27, 2012 @ 01:56 AM | 2,803 Views
Here are some pics and comments on the planes i've built. Thanks to all those on RCgroups scratchbuilding forum for the plans, advise and inspiration to keep me in the air for under $30 a plane.

Dekans simple Delta was my first scratchbuild. A nice floaty little, simple build platform to learn elevons. It flew great outdoors on 3S and on 2S is nice and crusey for indoors.

Dekans F22 was my second scratchbuild. I love this thing! It is so nice to fly and has a huge speed envelope. Even though it is light it seems to handle the wind quite well. One of my favourite planes and i plan to build a bigger full fuse version soon.
Hmm, just realised i dont have any pics of it completed, this will do in the mean time.

The Funbat, was my first full fuse design scratchbuild. I am not a big fan of the way it flies and the motor i put on it has a slight vibration so its sitting there until i figure out what i want to do with it.
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