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Posted by Magooch | Sep 13, 2011 @ 11:12 PM | 1,462 Views
First off, sorry for no pics... I'm working off an IPad at the moment and unable to upload pics. My pc is almost repaired and will be back online soon.

So this project started out as a CopterX 250, as it sits now the only CopterX part on it is the blue tail servo holder, kinda matched the theme. I wanted to be able to see it so most of it is orange. I started with an Align painted canopy HC2106T. It is blue (this is where servo holder comes in) in front with orange on back edge of canopy. I also have the Xtreme g10 orange frame set and fin set and orange KBDD tail blades. I have the carbon fiber tail boom with Align black tail assembly. I also put on Align silver bearing blocks, swash and head with the Mikado FBL conversion installed on silver Align blade grips. For electronics I chose Walkera. I already had the tx and I had stocked up on the mg servos from wow. I used an Align motor that came in a bunch of 250 parts I bought privately. All I had left to purchase was the rx2702v, Walkera's 3G FBL unit which I got from a helifreak.
For being my first build I think it went smooth and only took a couple nights to assemble, another night for setup. I set the servos up as align recommended in their manual I downloaded. Once everything was Installed and I checked the servo and swash movements and everything worked properly, even the tail. I was a little disappointed, was kinda wanting a challenge...
Now comes the first flight. I was nervous! I flew my v120d02 around to...Continue Reading
Posted by Magooch | Jul 27, 2011 @ 04:59 AM | 2,787 Views
Thanks for stopping by... After several months of reading and learning, now building and flying. I figured I would build a blog to track my adventure and share my heli's. I am by no means striving for perfection with setup or performance or trying to become the next 3d master. I just enjoy building, modding and flying.

Short history...
I have been in rc most of my life and I've always been attracted to helicopters. I tried heli's at an early age without success, money and patience got the best of me. Recently had a change of life and had some unexpected down time and decided to give heli's another go, now mind you I've had several cars, trucks, buggies, gliders and planes... Heli's take the cake hands down! I can't get enough.

The fleet...
Currently I have 4 heli's (subject to change anytime)
CopterX/Align 250 w/Mikado fbl conversion and rx2702v.
All this ran off of Walkera's 2801p tx.

I will blog each heli individually in the future...