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Do It Yourself Fixed Pitch Flybarless

The trick is to run two extra gyros, one on the elevator and one on the aileron. They donít have to be super expensive ones, cheap ordinary rate gyros are fine for the job, either Century, Protech or GWS gyros will do.

The head modification itself takes all of about 10 minutes to do, itís very straightforward and involves purchasing two extra swash linkages, a couple of screws, and maybe some 2mm carbon rod (unless you donít already have a bit knocking about). These bits combined with the gyros and a few bits and bobs from you model box is all you need.

So parts required:

2 mini rate gyros
2 small bits of silicone tube
5 cm of 2mm carbon rod
DVD case for a bit of plastic to mount a gyro
Servo tape
2 tip weights for the blades (I used PC case screws which are 1 gram each) the type and weight of tip weights depends on the type of blades you have on your heli. The amount of tip weight will vary depending on blades used, a bit of trial and error here,
note..you could use solder and sticky tape instead.

What you do is as follows:

First thing is to set your tip weights up, give the blades a quick spool up so that they are sitting in their normal flying position, and then estimate the centre line or cord of the blade, try looking along its length towards the head. Then with a felt tip pen or some kind of marker, put a dot on the blade at the tip on this centre line, but not too close to the tip (remember the blade...Continue Reading
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