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Posted by md1963 | Nov 20, 2012 @ 07:56 PM | 2,260 Views
This is my Parkzone F4U Corsair (the older one, not the F4U-1A with retracts). I've been flying it since July 2011, with 98 flights and three minor crashes as of this date. This aircraft emulates a Corsair from VF-53 which flew from USS Essex in 1951-1952, in honor of my Dad who served aboard the Essex during the war.

Before I did anything I peeled off all the original paint and repainted in Korean War-era USN Glossy Sea Blue paint, which I made by mixing Folk Art acrylic #403 navy blue with a little black until I got the right shade. Painted the entire aircraft and then coated it with Delta Ceramcoat Interior/Exterior Satin Varnish.

Made my own decals from Avery full-page label paper. I used a graphics program for both the insignia and text (I think the font was USN Stencil).

The photos show the plane as I finished it, with landing gear attached and the 3-blade prop. I eventually got rid of the landing gear as it just looks so much cleaner (and cooler!) on this airplane without it, and the 3-blade prop broke on the first landing in the grass. So now I only hand-launch with the 2-blade and land in the grass using the wing skids.

Motor and ESC are stock.

Modifications other than paint:
Reinforced wings - 5 bamboo skewers in each wing, inserted from the wing root.
Reinforced vertical stabilizer - CF rod inserted down into the flat portion under the rudder
Reinforced elevator - cut channel in elevator for U-bracket, glued in place
Aileron servo arm...Continue Reading
Posted by md1963 | Apr 20, 2011 @ 09:14 PM | 2,378 Views
Too windy/stormy to fly this week but I got some work done repairing and customizing the P-47. She's not historically accurate, but I decided to honor the memory of a relative who flew with the 485th FS, 370th FG over Europe; 7F was their squadron code, and the 370th FG was originally a P-47 group until they arrived in Andover, England, when someone decided they should fly P-38s instead.

Anyway, I added invasion stripes to the bottom only for visibility purposes, and tried my hand at printing out my own US insignia decals for the new wing (which did not come with decals). The cowl is red to complete the 485th motif.

Now to find just the right pinup girl for nose art....!