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Posted by R.C.Pilot | Jun 13, 2010 @ 03:53 PM | 5,218 Views

Remember the good times ?
cutting and gluing, stickin band aids over the cut finger tip, and getting light headed while applying tissue
Sayin all n all that was a great flight" while picking up the pieces

Where'd it all go ?

Almost seems like the only good thing about old kits nowadays
is how much they can be sold for

Posted by R.C.Pilot | Jun 02, 2010 @ 02:06 PM | 6,770 Views
The other day I ran across a kit (3 actually) that I spent many hours flying years ago, these were absolute fun to fly and modify.

My friends and I built several of these back in the latter 70's

Flying them off the desert floors of Calico and El' Mirage dry lakes
We had plenty of space to get crazy, and that we did.

Dog Fighting or just chasing the tail of the one in front, these were just plane fun.

I preferred to power mine with .19 and .25 size engines, but what a hoot with .40s

We Built them Shoulder Wing (Stik type) and even a Bi-Wing Skooter II using a rigged pylon for upper wing support.

At the Time these were selling for $19 to $23 bucks, and were cheap enough to be ? Disposable" which is why we flew them so hard and crashed a few.
After several hours building another, I was right back at it...

This was the plane I learned to fly fast and turn sharp on, drag the runway with the rudder and practice my inverted flying.

The one Kit has 10 / 76-C on bottom box and also a piece of newspaper dated May 76, although Yellowed with age all looks good and even has the original (Poster-Board Looking) ChromeKote Covering.
Another is Newer but still 70's and a partial Wing Kit with lots of extra parts.

I will add these with my others until I can get back to building again

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Posted by R.C.Pilot | Mar 08, 2010 @ 04:48 PM | 6,965 Views
Thought I'd do some updating since my last blog post.....

I have backed off of building RC for awhile now..
but still keep up with the web boards and what kits are being sold.
Seeing a trend in older designs coming back around has been uplifting
Knowing that some many enjoy this hobby is also a big plus
So many times I have felt 'looked down upon' because I build model Planes
I guess that will never change though,
Ever catch yourself trying to make it sound more acceptable ?
when asked' whats your hobbies or what do you do in your spare time
Yah" I'm a sub-miniature Aircraft Manufacturing Specialist / Test Pilot

Monster Truck Show
Recently (Feb 27th) the Wife decided we all needed to go to MonsterJam
at the Dallas Cowboy's new Stadium in Arlington, TX.
I will include pics of the USAF's Display Only.. A-10/Truck
More pics can be viewed on my Live Site

It was a good time indeed, seeing the Stadium up close and personal
along with enjoying the ground shaking roar of the truck engines
Monster Trucks weighing 10K pounds jumping like gentle deer
then tearing themselves apart just to please us spectators
Crashing into, around and thru other vehicles for fun
Lots of action at this show, as well as Quad Racing.
My Wife's a true fan of Monster Trucks" Good thing for us...

The Shop / Hangar project is still on-going'
I was able to get more work done in between the Bad and Worst weather days,
and a
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Posted by R.C.Pilot | Jul 18, 2009 @ 01:37 PM | 6,210 Views

I can tell you that this process has not been "all fun"

The Frame is over half complete after many changes"
The Concrete 2 Truck Loads worth is complete

The Majority of the space will be Shop / Hangar

It is 24 X 40 with 8 foot walls and 14 foot peak

As progress continues I will be updating this
May be a while but at least its showing progress

The Front wall framing will include
1 window
1 walk door
1 10' wide overhead door
It will have a Galvalume Metal roof with peak / ridge vents

With the economy and work slowing for many of us
this has become a major stalemate
selling some of my rc collection and other things
is my main means of finishing it without taking from the house budget.

I have done a good deal of the concrete , framing and dirt work myself
The initial start ended up in a large amount of lost money
I have a couple friends that help when possible, and are appreciated !!

I am looking forward to the 1st build.


************November Update***********

************March & April Update********

Getting more work done" and nicer weather helped.


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Posted by R.C.Pilot | Jul 12, 2009 @ 04:07 PM | 5,988 Views
I am selling some my current Items / Extras
Older RC Kit Lot Sale
Transmitter Lot Sale
Engine Lot Sale

I do not have to but I'm looking to go a different direction with it.

Taking a step today might be better off in the near future

The bad part is letting things go that took a while and a lot of searching to acquire

The good part is the Getting Something New side of it

My Shop is Still not Done" and Material Prices has gone crazy

But when it is I will have one large Dog House for My Getaway

Living on a 1 acre lot is OK but I'm not into Micros and Foamies


Someday Agenda

I would love to have 30-50 Acres
Flying Field with Float Strip
Oval Boat Lake
Heli Flying Area
Large Club House with 10 -12+ Building Rooms for Lease
On Hand Hobby Shop
BBQ and Kitchen Facility
RV Spaces and Clean Showers

Share the Fun.......... Share the Hobby

Posted by R.C.Pilot | Apr 18, 2009 @ 05:12 PM | 6,292 Views
The past couple of months have brought many good deals, but its very unfortunate for those who are faced with selling their Kits and Engines etc.

I would like to offer best wishes to all in need, I am fully familiar with the lack of income and the need to support loved ones and creditors.

Secondly I have found this Hobby of ours very rewarding..
Its somewhat still the same as it has always been, and do to the web it has improved greatly.

Excited about the old style plane I just found for sale, my hopes get up and often reality shoots them right down.

Clicking thru the For Sale ads I find deal after deal, some very good and some are absurd to say the least.

Kits Plans and Engines
Are the three main interests for me,

Buying Kits form the 70's mainly and any one that strikes my eye of interest, has become more and more expensive.
Some kits are worth big money, and some are still just a $23 dollar kit ten years later.
Running across a good deal is often misleading, when it actually has missing parts.............. that were purposely not stated

The Truth is Out There, and a Big Thanks to those who practice it.
It takes time and effort, commitment and self control to have a good selling record with any longevity.

Buying from an unknown is often a crap shoot, but in reality...
I was the one who Made Me Do IT

Buy with Caution" get Pic's and ask questions before sending your hard earned money to someone you don't know.........
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Posted by R.C.Pilot | Mar 21, 2009 @ 12:49 PM | 8,267 Views
Currently I am back to work on the Hangar

Since the weather kept me from working on the Hangar, I decided to add to my kits to be built collection.

My recent findings

House of Balsa Pietenpol 40
Excellent condition, box art and contents look very good

Sig Komander MK-II
Older version, box and plans nicely yellowed with age and 100% complete

Sig Citabria
Older Version, box and contents in excellent condition and also 100% complete

Orline Fokker DVII
Looks to be a great project, overall very good condition but missing some

Sig Kadet Senior LNIB

Marks Models Wanderer LNIB excellent inside and out

House of Balsa AT-6 Texan .15

Hobby Shack 1/2A SST

Posted by R.C.Pilot | Jan 14, 2009 @ 02:51 PM | 6,628 Views
Hi All,

What is a Blog anyway ?

OK I am an RC Airplane builder and enthusiast, before that I was a CL Airplane builder and was partial to Flight Streaks and Naval Aircraft of all types thanks to my Farther before his final Sail.

Before that I was the guy (Kid) who enjoyed long hours building tissue covered, sometimes somewhat crooked rubber powered kits, did I mention this was thanks to my Father.

Growing up was a long time ago, but what I remember of it was pretty good overall, until I tried to fly a PBY I built only using a picture in an old encyclopedia.

You probably wont see any video links here as I'm just not that hip, you may see pics though as I spent hours finding out what a .jpg was !!!!

You wont see me post much as I don't usually respond unless I have something nice to say, OR there is a chance I "Think I Might Know" something to be of help.

More Coffee Please

Now up-to-date stuff....

My biggest build yet has become my new Shop, it has put many other things on hold but I think it will be worth it.

Though it has been a major headache from the start, I think I'm gaining ground and maybe have it completed soon ? by March 09 ??

I have only two User names (See Title) on most of all the boards I am a member of,
I started with the WORNBOOTS though long ago and the WWW was not up yet, last few years after forgeting my password or switching ISP's I found out that two ( . ) would work and I was able to use R.C.Pilot or just call me Dan........

Now the stuff I like about the www and its impact on an old hobby, almost EVERYTHING..
I can find Answers*Projects*Ideas*Deals*Educational-Correction*Fellow-Enthusiasts and Occasional-Rudeness, all of which is readily available 24/7.. Now if that would only help get my shop done faster

I am not an expert or a professional, I am just Me and I Enjoy RC"

Y'all Enjoy"........... Dan