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Posted by Crash Survivor | Jul 21, 2013 @ 04:37 PM | 2,883 Views
For blade tracking I just spin it up with a good light above & black back ground behind heli, like my turned off monitor. Around mid stick at zero pitch see if one blade tip appears to run higher than the other. On stock blades you can tell which blade is running out of track by the blue & red tape. On the V120D02s say the red is running higher, take its blade grip link & do 1 full turn CCW to make it longer on 1 of the ball links & re-check tracking for better or worst/trail & error. On my KBDD blades I tape off the tips & take a sharpy & color 1 red & the other black.
I set my pitch with blades folded back over boom in TH/throttle hold mode. TH mode on my Devo 8 I have a linear pitch curve set. At center stick blades are almost even, just a tad of positive pitch, then I go full positive & increase or decrease pitch curve in TX right before blades touch rudder servo rod & next the same with full negative pitch. With 0% pitch at center stick & a +55% full positive & -55% full negative pitch. On my ST1 & 2 I toned it down to around +45%/-45% to +50%/-50% for my liking. Travel adjust set at 100%.

I set my termination voltage on my i Charger up to 4.4v on charge & after charging they read 4.2v, factory termination voltage setting at 4.2v they would rest at 4.18v after charge. I'm won't buy nothing but the full river stock Walkera 600ma batteries from now on.

There one part failure I keep an eye on after a crash that...Continue Reading
Posted by Crash Survivor | Jun 07, 2012 @ 03:10 PM | 3,075 Views
60 size Four Star with a Sato 91S 4 stroke with a 14*6 Master Airscrew prop hit me in the right arm & I almost bleed to death before an ambulance arrived back in 1999. So there you go "Crash Survivor". I was off work for a year. Now I have nerve damage in my right hand I call my claw due to fingers are locked in a position like you hold a can. Pinky & pinky side of ring finger are all that have any sense of feeling which is were I place my cyclic TX stick with back of hand facing TX to fly these cool electric Helicopters.
Pics below:Son holding up the biggest kit I built, picture taken back in 2003, still have that collecting dust in the attic. Helis are what I'm flying now, 4 V120D02S's now 5 my Son lost interest & gave one back, SCP & a MCP. The green V2 V120D02S that looks like it's up on a pedestal is representing that it has been put on the shelf, POS. Edit: Green V2 V120D02S is back in good standings. RX ELEV/AILE gain pot adjustments got it flying good. Other 3 V120D02S'S are the 3axis, 1 Devo RX other 2 have the RX that works with the 2801 protocol. SCP & MCP BL. Need to update my Heli pic I also have a 130x stock except for putting a complete V120 tail case on it & KBDD main blades & a 130x Red Bull 130x stock except for 4 KBDD main blades on it. KBDD main blades on all my V120's also.