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Posted by jokeane | Jul 15, 2011 @ 08:47 PM | 6,093 Views
I picked this airframe up used on rcgroups. It was in pretty nice shape only one or two small flaws.

My setup is:
4x HS-65MB servos
Turnigy SK 3536-900kv motor
APC 14x7 electric prop
CC Phoenix 35 ESC
3S 2200mAH 20C lipo packs
2.5 lbs AUW w/ battery
~420 Watts input power full throttle static (35A on the nose)

All setup as per the instructions. Flies great. At half throttle it is nice and slow with tons of thrust. Shoots straight up on full throttle. I mostly flew on low rates for the first three flights. Did a little high rate stuff on last flight, an 'elevator' 3D maneuver, some tight loops and rolls.

Finally something to do with all my 3S 2200 packs.