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Posted by jokeane | Apr 17, 2011 @ 07:03 PM | 6,074 Views
The other part of my recent HK order, a Durafly Cessna 182 in EPO foam. This one took a bit more work to assemble. Another kit which came with servos, ESC and motor. But in this case I think the quality of the servos, ESC and motor are less impressive that the Pitts. I just had to add RX and a 2200mAH 3S lipo pack.

On the up side, the foam seems durable. Similar to Multiplex Elapor foam. Downside is that the plane is pretty hefty, 3lb 4oz ready to fly. The plane has fully functional flaps and nice scale details which is definitely better than most foamy planes. From what I've read, it should be more of a scale style flyer.

I plan to use this as a trainer for teaching friends to fly using a buddy box setup.
Posted by jokeane | Apr 17, 2011 @ 06:49 PM | 4,945 Views
I just finished assembling an Art-Tech Pitts Special purchased from HobbyKing. My first order from the USA warehouse. Shipping was pretty reasonable, and fairly fast. Took about a week to arrive. Plane is pre-decorated EPS foam. It looks nice, but is probably going to be somewhat fragile.

The plane comes w/ servos, motor, esc all installed. Final assembly went pretty quick. No manual at all, and the downloadable Art-Tech PDF manual had no useful info at all! (No CG location, no suggested surface throws!) Luckily, there is a nice thread or two on RCGroups which has all the info if you search through it.

I'm going to use a 3S 1500mAH lipo pack to fly. With the stock prop (10x4.7" GWS style) it pulls about 10A. Might try a 10x8" GWS if this is not enough speed for me. Weighs 1lb 4oz. (20oz).