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Posted by jokeane | May 20, 2009 @ 02:40 PM | 3,931 Views
Had a chance to get out and fly last Sunday AM. Good weather and fun times. The Aspera continues to be a very enjoyable flier. Just point and shoot. Very predictable.

The VQ AT-6 on the other hand... I caught a gust on landing and stalled / cart-wheeled it. It is repairable, but I'm starting to get the feeling this plane has bad juju.

So I've been working on building my Hyperion 40e Extra 260. So far so good. Nice ARF.
Posted by jokeane | May 04, 2009 @ 08:18 PM | 4,286 Views
Finally got to fly the maiden flight on the Aspera. The short version is, this is a very nice plane! Smooth and precise in the air. Nice smooth take-offs and landings. No nose-overs here! (unlike my VQ AT-6)

My only complaint is that with the prop I'm using (13x8) and the 3S lipo and motor, it flies just a tad too slowly for my tastes. I'm going to try a 12x10 to see how that works.

(Update - Went up to 4S and now it really moves out. Plenty of speed and thrust on this setup.)