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Posted by jokeane | Apr 19, 2009 @ 05:31 PM | 3,890 Views
I picked up a used Aspera airframe last fall. This is the 'ver. 1' R/W/B/S color one. I finally put a Spektrum 6200 receiver in it, 4 HS-65 servos, TR35-48B 900kv motor and 40A ESC in it today. I'm using larger wheels and no wheel pants, since my field is grass.

I've got it setup for 3S packs for now, APC 13x8e prop pulls 35A static for around 385-400 Watts. All up weight is 2 lb 10oz. So that's ~150 W/lb.

(Update - I've changed the setup to use 4S 2200 mAH packs. Now it is a 500W setup, very, very sweet!)
Posted by jokeane | Apr 12, 2009 @ 09:33 AM | 3,636 Views
I flew the VQ AT-6 again yesterday. It flew very nicely indeed now that I've got my controls setup properly. Still a tad windy at our field. My landing was less than optimal, so I have minor repairs to do on the landing gear mounts.

We also flew my friend's Multiplex Magister with an upgraded brushless motor w/ 4S lipo packs. 140 w/lb. It was almost ready for pylon racing!