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Posted by jokeane | Oct 20, 2008 @ 11:57 AM | 3,021 Views
I think my comments about not having an 'incident' were heard by the R/C gods. My luck has turned pretty ugly.

Since that post, I've had several 'incidents':

1) Crashed the Brio 10 on landing. Ran out battery power on final approach, stalled it, ripped left wing right off. Looks repairable, but will take some fiddling around. Sure would be nice to find something with a spare left wing, so I don't have to mess about with it. Fall/Winter project.

2) Sky Cat caught a gust on taxing back to the flight line, caught air and hit the snow fence. Damage was minor, repaired it.

3) Saturday ... flying the Sky Cat nicely when cowling came loose, and mixed it up with the prop... ugly result. The Sky Cat is no more. I've rescued the motor, ESC, radio, and servos and they will be placed in a new plane.

4) Saturday ... helping my buddy by doing a trim flight of his GWS ME-109 when an guy with 3D Gasser mid-aired me. My first mid-air... the ME-109 was totaled. Gearbox wrecked, one servo wrecked. I felt pretty bad for Rick, so I gifted him with a GWS P-51 kit I had sitting on the shelf as a replacement.

5) Early Sunday thought the wind was going to be low... but got the field and it was 10 MPH and gusty. Like the fool I am, I tried to fly the 10-size Hyperion YAK 55SP. Crashed it on takeoff due to dumb-thumbs and a gust. Snapped the motor shaft, ripped off the landing gear and knocked a piece off the elevator. Damage was actually pretty minor except for motor shaft and I...Continue Reading