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Posted by jokeane | Sep 21, 2008 @ 03:45 PM | 3,068 Views
I've been trying to get in as much flying as possible. I've flown the Hyperion YAK 55SP 10e for around 6 flights now. I'm very happy with it, the power system is very good and the plane performs extremely well. The only draw back with the 10e size is landing on grass. Not that I cannot land it, it lands fine but it is very hard to keep from nosing over when the plane slows up. I've so far done only one 'perfect' landing where the Yak didn't nose over.

Yesterday I went to the field with all 5 of my planes. The day started well, with nearly calm conditions. I flew the Sopwith Camel first. It is a fun and very slow flying plane. Nice flight. Next was the Yak 55 SP 10e. Next up the Fokker D VII. Another fun little flight. I noticed it was starting to get a little gusty. But no problems so far.

My friend Dave showed up with the T-34. I watched him do a flight on it. He commented on the gusty conditions, but had no problems.

I took up my Sky Cat for a short flight, but when taxing back to the flight line I was probably going a bit fast, and caught a gust which cased the plane to take off. I was too low to clear the snow fence. The Sky Cat sustained minor damage. I'll have to remount the motor and re-attach the rudder. It is EPP foam, so it bounces well. :-)

My last flight of the day started out nice. I took the Brio up and had a nice flight with it, but I was really noticing the the wind gusts. As I was bringing in the Brio, the battery went completely flat. Since I was landing into the wind, this was NOT a good time for a strong gust, which slowed me down so much I just ran out of airspeed well short of the landing area. Stall. Crash. Then the long walk of dread. Damage was pretty bad, but perhaps is repairable. Ripped one wing completely off. Broke the prop. Bent the axle on one of the landing gear.
Posted by jokeane | Sep 12, 2008 @ 10:22 AM | 3,407 Views
Well I new I had to do it sometime. This weekend I pulled all of the electronics (except motors) out of my GWS DC-3 (see below for pix). The GWS DC-3 is an OK flyer, but the small wheels are just a problem on a grass field. I was constantly messing up take-offs and landings on it. The airframe is still in pretty good shape. Perhaps I can find it a home.

I just need the servos for new planes. I will also probably re-use the receiver.

I'm mostly using my Spektrum 2.4Ghz radio now, but I do still use my 72Mhz Futaba radio for some planes (Fokker D-VII). I think I'll use these to build up some more 'park' size planes that I can goof around with in the local parks.

Even though I've become a bit of a balsa snob, I will still fly foamies ... especially when I want to build something myself from fanfold or depron and bash it around.
Posted by jokeane | Sep 12, 2008 @ 10:13 AM | 3,412 Views
I finally had a chance to fly my Hyperion YAK 55SP 10e this morning before work. I have been waiting for a low wind situation to test it out. Wind was almost non-existent, so I quickly packed the plane, transmitter and a charged battery into my car.

There is a public park on my drive into work (in Westport on the north side of the lake Mendota). It has some big soccer fields as well as a large empty field to the south. I've only flow there once before. I figured what the heck, this is a small plane, so a small field should be no problem.

Take off was nice and controlled. It climbed out easily at about 60% throttle. Only needed one or two clicks of right aileron trim and it was flying perfectly level. Did a couple of simple loops and rolls, the plane handles very well. I flew the entire flight on low rates, so no crazy stunts. Flew around for about 6 minutes. Since I was unfamiliar with the field, I didn't to a bunch of landings. Just the one landing, and it was smooth as butter. The grass was long, so when the plane slowed up, it gently nosed over.

This makes the fifth new plane of put together this year and flown. So far no major incidents. True - I've dorked up the landings a few times. :-)

Four of the five planes have been balsa ARFs. One EPP foam plane; the Sky Cat, which is still my favorite for 'trying new things' since I'm not all all worried about mishaps.

I must say, I'm totally convinced of the superiority of flying experience of a balsa and monocote style plane vs. a foamie. Perhaps I'm just a better flier now and I can notice the difference more, or perhaps the balsa ARFs I'm currently flying are better than average.
Posted by jokeane | Sep 07, 2008 @ 05:49 PM | 3,864 Views
Yes, I finally got another plane that had been sitting in a box for over a year off the shelf and built up. I picked up the Yak 55SP 10e blue and yellow version with the motor and ESC as a package from Hobby Horse about a year ago. Price sticker says it cost $230. (Wow, that seemed like a deal then, but now you can get (on sale) a 25e size Yak 55SP w/ motor and ESC from for $222.)

The Yak has a 38.6" WS and comes with a 30A ESC and the HP-Z3007-26 motor.

I used four HS-55 servos and I'll probably fly it with a 1500 mAH 3S pack.

With the APC 10x5e prop it pulls around 20A static.

17 5/8 oz, 670g total weight - which is right on the numbers according to the instructions.

Seems so small in comparison to the Brio and Sky Cat...
Posted by jokeane | Sep 07, 2008 @ 05:32 PM | 3,125 Views
Dave has solo'd on his T-34. We flew one last buddy box flight Friday night, and then he flew several more on his own.

He is doing great and really loves the plane. He is experimenting with dialing the flaps down. I think he will probably add a servo to control the flaps so he can use them for take-offs and landings.

Now that he has three battery packs (got a couple of Rhino packs from Hobby King) he is getting in at least three flights each time he goes out.

The T-34 is really a pretty darn nice plane. It flies nice and looks great doing it. And the RTF starter package is one of the best deals around.
Posted by jokeane | Sep 07, 2008 @ 05:27 PM | 2,946 Views
I flew the 32" WS Fokker DVII for the first time Friday evening. First flight was a bit scary, the trims were really far off and the plane is pretty responsive on the controls. It was also a bit windy. I managed to get it sorted out, flew around a bit, landed reasonably well.

Today I flew it again early in the morning before any wind had a chance to build. It is a pretty fun little flier. It moves right along on the little 400 size brushless motor. I'm using an APC 8x6 prop, cheapo ESC, and a 1300 mAh 3S lipo. Landing was an ugly one with a big bounce. No damage.

Since this is a 'fun scale' only, and the kit was very cheap, I don't feel as much concern when flying it as some of my nicer planes like the Sopwith Camel and Brio. So I flung it around the sky with abandon; doing loops, rolls, and stall turns.
Posted by jokeane | Sep 01, 2008 @ 06:33 PM | 3,163 Views
I've built a 32" WS Fokker DVII from an el cheapo ARF kit from Ebay.

The instructions were terrible and the ARF was definitely a lower quality level than other balsa ARFs I've built.

More after I fly it...

(Apparently these are still getting flogged off on Ebay: 80060630409&_trkparms=72%3A1142|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3 A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14)