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Posted by jokeane | Jul 23, 2008 @ 02:59 PM | 2,939 Views
Went out flying near dusk on Monday. A friend came along to take some photos. Here is a nice one of the Sopwith Camel.
Posted by jokeane | Jul 21, 2008 @ 10:02 AM | 2,874 Views
So I did a pretty significant re-work of the Sky-Cat after getting it home from the maiden flight. Found out that the glue I used for some of the assembly just wasn't working well at all. (Ultimate R/C Foam glue - go figure. Seems to work well on blucore and depron, but not Elapor.)

So I tore much of the plane apart, cleaned off the offending glue, repainted some spots and re-assembled it. For the re-assembly I used medium viscosity CA and kicker. This worked VERY well. All the Elapor joints feel much more solid. Also added a magnet for the battery hatch. I re-hinged the ailerons, I'm much happier with this hinging job than the last.

I dropped the prop down to an APC 11x8 - just to try it out for the next flight.

So it is all set for next flight. Weather seems crap today, but we shall see.
Posted by jokeane | Jul 19, 2008 @ 12:58 PM | 3,956 Views
I got up early today and went to the Badger Prairie field in an attempt to beat the weather (which looks iffy at best today). Badger Prairie aeromodel field is a Dane county park with large grass area for take-off and landing surrounded by a mostly tree-free prairie.

I had three totally new items with me to try out, new Spektrum 6xi radio and two new planes which I had not flown previously.

Winds were 0-5 MPH. Pretty calm, but not totally.

I flew the Green Models / Powerline Sopwith Camel first. I was pleasantly surprised to find it seemed to have plenty of get up and go, even with the tiny little stock brushless motor. When I tested it out static it only pulled 10 Amps, so with a 3C lipo that is only 110 watts input power.

After a bit of trim it flew pretty well, although it may need a bit more weight in the nose. It seemed a tad pitch sensitive, which usually indicates the CG may be a bit aft of where it should be. With my 1700 mAH 3C lipo, it had plenty of juice. I didn't time it, but I flew two roughly 5 minute flights and it didn't seem even close to out of juice.

Flying was very scale-like. Not too slow but not all that fast. The Sopwith would loop happily. Landing was interesting, since with the draggy airframe you needed a fair amount of throttle to keep the plane moving as you bring it in. I did several landings and the large wheels worked quite well on the grass. Ground taxing was pretty good, although I did nose it over once when I taxed a bit fast...Continue Reading
Posted by jokeane | Jul 15, 2008 @ 06:14 PM | 3,426 Views
I finally built my Sky-Cat. Painted it with spray enamel paint. Added carbon fiber stripe in wing and in tail. Could also probably use one in fuse as well.

Powered by:
ESC: CC Pheonix 35
Motor: Turnigy (hextronic) 35-48-B 900kv Brushless Outrunner Eq: AXi 2826
Prop: APC 12x8
WOT Amps 27 w/ 3S 2500 lipo rated at 12C
4x HS-81 servos

all up weight is 2lb 10oz (42 oz, 1192g)

according to the manual, min expected weight is 1100g for gas version.

Things I wouldn't do again - cut elevator and ailerons completely free - not worth the trouble.
Posted by jokeane | Jul 06, 2008 @ 11:30 AM | 3,774 Views
Just finished assembling a Green Models / Powerline Sopwith Camel ARF that I picked up from Hobby Horse.

This balsa ARF comes with motor, ESC and servos for ~$170. Which seemed like a decent price.

For an ARF, it is a pretty advanced assembly. Lots of fiddling around with flying wires and pull-pull controls. Also my kit required a lot of re-shrinking of the covering, and even with a lot of work not every wrinkle was eliminated.

The motor that comes with it seems somewhat under-powered when testing it statically. It comes with a 10x5 prop, and draws 10 amps max with a fully charged 1700 mAH 3S lipo.

Waiting for a nice calm evening to maiden it.

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