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Posted by jokeane | Jul 10, 2006 @ 12:58 PM | 8,683 Views
Well I've build and flown my Formosa II. I'm an intermediate flyer / builder. I've been doing R/C planes for about three years.

I've built and flown many other GWS planes; ME-109 (x2), BN-2 Islander, Spitfire. Several of my friends have the Formosa I, and I've seen it flown. I've also built and flown a number of Multiplex foamie kits; TwinJet, MicroJet, Sonic Liner and the Magister.

My setup:

Formosa II w/ brush-on acrylic paint over about 1/3 of the surface.
4 HS-81 servos
Hitec 6 channel reciever
Balsa Products BP30 (Tower Pro 30) amp ESC
Gorrilla Bob's XM2908-10 Brushless motor (similar to Balsa Products motor)
2100 mAH 3S lipo battery
Du-Bro spinner
10x5E APC prop
Handmade motor mount from basswood + included stick.
CG located right on the spar.

All up weight was almost exactly 32 oz (2lbs)

Good news:
* Good looking design
* Easy to build
* Transparent canopy
* Flys well (pretty easy to fly)
* Takes off from grass easily (ROG)

Bad news:
* Very poor manual! (No CG location, no wiring info, no control surface throws, .etc)
* Flimsy cowl plastic (needs to be stiffer)
* Landing gear is a joke. Needs thicker wire / redesign.
* Battery bay isn't large enough to fit most 3S lipo packs, and no way to fix it without dumping stock hatch or chopping into wing. I just left hatch off entirely which isn't very clean aerodynamically.

I flew three total flights, each about 5 min. long. The motor is definitely powerful enough to haul this bird...Continue Reading