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Posted by yawstick | Mar 15, 2011 @ 01:35 PM | 2,619 Views
I've been fooling with quads and a few tricopters since they first came on the scene... had a fire that burned down a huge shop behind my house in 2014... sidelined me for a while... bought one of the Yuneec copters that revived my interest but its been a bit of a disappointment... capable of good performance but has been pretty buggy and proprietary battery that sucks big time. Sadly you end up with a pretty nice controller that you cant use on anything else. Would be nice if they would make it open source. Happened on a used Spedix with a CC3D at Triple Tree Aerodrome that got me back into Open Source flying.

Controller technology changing faster than you can keep up with easily... Just bought my first F4 controller that I have on a homemade frame I hope to add a gimbaled gopro just for grins. Gopros changing pretty fast too... faster than my pocketbook can keep up with. would love to have some goggles for FPV stuff but they are seriously overpriced in my opinion... has brought my respect for spectrum to a new low.