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Posted by PHMX | Mar 01, 2011 @ 12:16 PM | 10,470 Views
I've got the non-widescreen one, 320 x 240 and must say that I am really really satisfied.

Turnigy FPV Goggles offer exceptional value for money. Featuring a 320 x 240 4:3 Display with AV in, 50in virtual image and a 900mah lithium battery.

A great entry-level goggle which can be modified for a ski-mask or used as is for casual not-so-serious FPV fun.

Resolution: 320 x 240
Ratio: 4:3
Battery: 900mah lithium
Virtual Image size: 50in
Format: PAL/NTSC

AV Cable
Head phones
External 900mah battery
AC Charger
A mini-review:

A few issues;

- It will fall of your nose for sure, so you will need to make your own strap or build it into ski goggles. I'd recommend bending the nose piece so it will at least fit, then just add a strap to it. I've got an amazingly low-tech solution and works fine, just a plastic wire through the holes in the legs of the goggles and that goes around the back of my head.

- At zero volume there's some distortion instead of no volume, but turn it up to >1 volume and there's no distortion and no sound anymore.
I don't use audio in FPV at the moment, but I did watch television with audio and it works fine.

- It has a fixed distance of the two screens, so you'll have to hack it if it doesn't suit your eyes out of the box.

- The interlacing lines on the screen can be seen, a bit like being...Continue Reading
Posted by PHMX | Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:05 AM | 30,642 Views
First up you'll need an 8ch receiver for this to work and

I'm using the stock firmware on my Turnigy 9x v2 actually, that sadly has a broken Butterfly feature.

However no need to throw it away just yet, as building program mixes yourself in Motor plane mode
(not Glider mode of the transmitter, so you'll have to change that in SYSTEM for your model) works very well and
as additional bonus you'll get to use the Throttle Hold switch for added safety for when your motor/throttle is concerned as well.

For usage of the flaps (one position for in-flight / soaring) and butterfly (full on brake for landing or brake whilst diving) we're going to use the three point switch. Which has three modes you can use, Normal mode, ID1 mode and ID2 mode.

Basically the following mix uses up all 7 Prog.Mixes in Motor plane mode of the T9x v2 and uses up 6 channels. In my case needed the Turnigy 9x v2 8 ch receiver for it to work.

ch.1 aileron 1,
ch.2 elevator,
ch.3 throttle,
ch.4 rudder,
ch.5 empty gear channel reserved for transmitter programming,
ch.6 Flaps with Y-cable,
ch.8 second aileron

(The 7th channel for some reason only provided ~70% of servo range, and using the same programming on a 6ch receiver I haven't as of yet got it working because of the reserved 'dummy' channel used in the programming)

The only minor issue with this setup is that it's impossible to mix elevator into these mixes unless you want butterfly as the only option, as you've only got 7...Continue Reading