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Posted by boingk | Nov 11, 2011 @ 09:50 AM | 9,365 Views
Sitting here listening to an assortment of Boston, Kansas, BOC etc and drinking a casual beer after a shift at work, reflecting on the day. Sometimes I like to write and relax, not doing anything in particular.

I've had a bit of a repair session so have flown a few planes I haven't in a while. First I took up the HobbyKing/Lanyu J-3 Cub... yeah the yellow one in the other blog entries. Current powertrain is a 2810 1700kv outrunner on 3s 1000mAh lipos with GWS HD 8x4 props.

It flies like an absolute champ! After repairing the motor mount and other assorted areas, I babied her into the air on a lazy Friday afternoon. Took off and did rather 'scale' flying around the lot, throttling up to do a loop from level flight every now and then. Total flight time was a hair over 10 minutes, and total charge put back into the lipo was 600mAh... I think thats a new efficiency record for me with a 38"+ craft. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and very relaxing... much as typing this is.

Next up was my Artech/FMS/Whatever Mini P-40, repaired with new ESC after the stock one went south. Flying on a 3s 1000mAh pack it performed very well, but reminded me what a heavy damn pig of a thing it is to man-handle around the skies; this sans landing gear and rudder linkages/servo! It might look the part but I certainly can think of better things to fly, especially if I'm after a relaxing flight.

I will say, though, that the P-40 can take a fair bit of abuse without needing a new airframe....Continue Reading