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Posted by boingk | Sep 12, 2011 @ 10:29 PM | 11,239 Views
This was initially a post to help out a fellow whos making an elaborate and very well thought out first time FPV system. His budget is also rather elaborate, at around $1000. I know that kinda cash isn't so readily available for most (myself included) so thought I'd post up my first time FPV system which is a lot more budget freindly, yet still gives you room to grow with it.

For starting out my setup is as follows:

38" HobbyKing EPS 'Old Timer' J-3 Cub
5" LCD screen / Turnigy FPV goggles
5.8Ghz 200mW Tx/Rx system
CCD camera

The video setup is the 5.8Ghz/200mW system HK sells, coupled to a cheap CCD caseless camera. Thats powered by a 3s 360mAh lipo pack at the wing root, easily changed and voltage checked before each flight. My viewing monitor for first flights is a small (wallet sized) LCD screen to get used to FPV - most of the flight will be ground based visual flight only. Later I plan to switch to goggles and have some cheap ($70) Turnigy ones on the way. Headplay 800x600's ($300) are what I really want to get eventually.

Control is not going to be by my DX6i - while I like it as a transmitter for ground based flying, I do know the limitations. Personally I'm getting consistent ranges of over 500m but I do know that can vary and wouldn't like to lose a plane. On the way I have a secondhand 36Mhz JR computerised transmitter and a few receivers. With a few simple modifications (longer receiver antenna, LiPo transmitter pack) this will get me...Continue Reading