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Posted by boingk | Aug 01, 2011 @ 09:38 PM | 11,165 Views
Thought I'd better make an entry on my flying wing, seeing as I've added another engine to it and all. The original plan design calls for one engine in the central position, mounted on the forward face of the battery/ESC housing box. This gave more than enough power for the airframe, even with a 1000mAh, 3oz/90g flight pack weighing it down.

I removed the central motor and streamlined the battery box, then added two motors to either side with enough clearance for a 6" prop each. They're 24g 1700kv Hextronik outrunners, each coupled to a 20A ESC. This allows a max loading of a 6x4 prop with 4-cell operation, which will give some nice speed and a whole heap of thrust. Pushing it would be to swap out to a 5.5x6 or similar and get a pitch speed of 120mph and enough thrust to pull you up with it!

So here it is:

To accomodate the larger battery needed to sustain a peak draw of 20~30A I had to removed the ESC's and receiver to the rear portion of the wing by adding some balsa platform stays inbetween the central ribs. I glued them to that and it seems fine. I'd recommend either a 1500mAh 3-cell or 1000mAh 4-cell lipo for this fellow to balance it out - the 1000mAh 3-cell packs I maidened it with didn't seem to give quite enough forward bias.

Anywho, video to come at some point so stay tuned.

Cheers - boingk