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Posted by boingk | Jun 30, 2011 @ 04:50 AM | 11,248 Views
Well, I'm back. And that balsa wing I've been bantering on about? Done. Finito. Flown!

I'd originally decided to fit a Cox .049 glow engine to it but figured that since the majority of my flying is done in town it'd make a bit more sense to go electric. The setup I'm using is a HExtronic 24g 1700kv outrunner wth 7x4 prop, 15A ESC (18A burst) and 3-cell 1000mAh lipo packs. It seems to fly very well, the maiden flight was more or less hassle free - apart from one issue which I'll touch on later.

Anyway enough words, here're the pictures:

The last two are post-flight, during which I discovered that the reason for my flight into terrain incident about 3 minutes in was a dead servo. For some reason one of the servos was dead on the wing, leaving me with left and up or right and down as control choices. This made for a rather unglamourous landing.

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Posted by boingk | Jun 25, 2011 @ 03:30 AM | 11,252 Views
Hey guys, hows it going? All is good here, and lately I've been thinking about making a micro balsa and covering model. I was thinking about this for a while in nitro-powered guise (Cox .049) but that got earmarked for another project and I'm going electric for this one. It'll be called the 'Electric Canary', and is based on the popular '1/8A LaStick' plans here on the site - draw up by Dave Fritzke and Gene Rock.

There will be a few main differences in this model from the one that they designed. Notably, mine will not be a high-wing plane. It will have a low wing for sportsplane type control and agility. The other main change is that it will be roughly an 80% scale version of the LaStick, with an 18"/450mm wingspan in lieu of the Stick's 21.5"/550mm span. This should make for a lively little parkflyer thats a bit different from the usual small balsa model.

The thing that remains the least changed is the wing, although thats not particularly saying much.

It still has the same basic construction, although the stringers are very much simplified and are from the same stock for leading/trailing edges and the top and bottom, too. Some formers were left leading edge only to save weight, and at this scale the leading sections are uneccassary. The airfoil is the same as the original and the chord/span ratio is also the same. One other change I made was to put profiled tips on as it was as simple as cutting some extra foils, and lends a much classier look to...Continue Reading
Posted by boingk | Jun 06, 2011 @ 02:40 AM | 12,158 Views
Latest efforts here have been on the 3D Gee Bee kit I got from HobbyKing a few months ago. I've been holding off completing it because I honestly didn't think I could handle a fragile 3D balsa plane until now. Well, the time has come (the Walrus said, to go fly other things!) and I reckon I'm ready:

These photos are taken after the maiden. I kept it on 3-channel only (aileron, elevator, throttle) and it didn't seem to need any trim at all. The 2s/C20/8x4 powertrain has more than enough thrust for the little beastie, loads of fun. All control are very touchy even at low speeds because they've got large surface areas and throws, a bit challenging on a non-computerised radio but it survived!

Worst thing to happen on the maiden was a rough landing. I damaged the prop tips but thats all. This looks like its gonna be a blast, I'll try and get some video of it up.

For those interested in the setup its as follows:

C20 motor w/3mm adaptor & 8x4 GWS prop
12A Blue Series ESC
Rhino 2s 20C 750mAh lipo
HK 2.4ghz DSM2 compatible receiver
HK15168 servo for ailerons
TGY-1440A servos for rudder and elevator

The programming settings for the ESC are high timing, instant startup, no rpm limit, sharp throttle response and power decreased once 3.2v/cell is reached. This gives smooth running for the motor and very responsive, punchy performance.

I have not programmed my controller for any expo or dual rates or anything like that as I just use a basic DX5e and...Continue Reading