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Posted by ellenbee | Jan 05, 2013 @ 12:49 AM | 3,810 Views
HobbyKing Zlin Z-50L 1612 mm wingspan

Firstly, note that there are two HobbyKing Zlin Z-50L models. One is 1194 mm span, but this post isn't about that one.
I couldn't find an independent review of the HobbyKing Zlin Z-50L 1612 mm wingspan anywhere on-line, so decided to take a chance and buy one anyway.
The Zlin arrived from the Australian warehouse inside two solid corrugated cardboard boxes. Despite damage to the outer box the inner box and model were entirely untouched.
Construction was pretty standard for an ARF .
Be careful with the sequence of event assembling the tailplane, elevators and rudder.
1. Place the elevator joiner into the tailplane aperture in the fin.
2. Epoxy the tailplane in the correct place
3. CA the hinges into the tailplane
4. To install the elevators: epoxy the joiner into the elevators and, before it cures, CA the hinges into the elevator

There are grommets in the rear of the fuselage for the rudder pull-pull wires, but they're hard to find under the covering. To locate them, poke around at a point 80 mm below the lower surface of the tailplane, 20 mm in front of the tailplane leading edge.
Getting the centre of gravity to the recommended place was a major problem. I fitted a 4260 500kv motor weighing 350g, a prop and spinner and a 5 cell 5Ah lipo battery weighing 660g as far forward as it would go. Even then I had to add 200g near the motor to shift the CofG to its proper place. (Two 3 cell 3Ah batteries weighing a total...Continue Reading
Posted by ellenbee | Feb 10, 2011 @ 05:47 AM | 3,728 Views
I'm making the electric-powered Amiot 143M, designed by Chris Gold and published as Traplet plans. Its wingspan is 2.7 metres and I've installed a Benedini sound card and amplifier. For anyone considering making this LARGE model, here are a few points, that I'll expand on shortly.

* Will it fit in your car?
* What sources of information are available about the full-size version?
* How does the design depart from true scale?
* How are the outer wing panels attached to the centre section?
* How does Benedini sound system perform in this model? Is its weight a problem?
* The design was for NiMH batteries; how does the switch to LiPos (and installation of the sound system) affect the centre of gravity?

The building is all done and I'm now installing cables etc. I expect to start covering in a few days. A photo of the finished, uncovered airframe will follow in a few days.