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Posted by ukarmy04 | Feb 27, 2013 @ 11:34 AM | 4,514 Views
Just completed my latest build of a micro h-quadcopter. I wanted a small platform to do aerobatics and I also liked the idea of having an h-quad, so I used those two parameters and came up with this design. I modeled the frame in Autodesk Inventor and then had it printed by a friend of mine. The frame has a 200mm motor to motor distance along the diagonal. The components were sourced almost entirely from HobbyKing and the total cost for everything came to about $140 after shipping.

I've attached a few pictures here to show certain aspects of the build as well a video outlining the components I used. The video has some flight footage at the end so you can get an idea of how the quad flys.

3D Printed Micro H-Quadcopter (11 min 54 sec)

I also have a complete build log as well as a comprehensive parts list on my website:

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Posted by ukarmy04 | Jun 17, 2012 @ 12:51 PM | 8,120 Views
So, after a very long wait I finally decided to go ahead and purchase my first set of FPV gear. I decided to go with a 5.8GHz system because it was the most reliable and transmitted at the highest resolution. I wasn't expecting tremendous range on the setup but with some circular polarized antenna's the range should be pretty decent.

I went with the FPV backpack/pod setup inspired by Bruce from RCModelReviews. This was done so that I would be able to move my FPV setup between my multirotors and airplanes without too much hassle. I made my ground station out of a Harbor Freight aluminum case and tried to make everything compact and portable.

I've written a full build log as well as a comprehensive parts list for everything I used in this ground station on my website:

I've also attached a handful of pictures and a video demonstration for anyone who may be interested. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

$160 Simple FPV Setup - Hover Test (0 min 49 sec)

$160 Simple FPV Setup (5 min 27 sec)
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Posted by ukarmy04 | Jun 16, 2012 @ 12:23 PM | 4,392 Views
After owning a KK board for more than a year, I decided it was time I moved up to MultiWii. I decided to get a microquad because I wanted something that was small yet agile. Looking around at different possibilities, I found a great deal on an X250 MWC Quadcopter with an integrated controller board and LED lights built into each arm. The quadcopter cost $160 and was super easy to build - given that you can solder things together. I've completed a build log of the quadcopter with lots of pictures on my website:

I've also attached some pictures for anyone who may be interested.

Flight Video:

X250 Quadcopter Flight Video - With Crash (7 min 12 sec)
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Posted by ukarmy04 | Jun 02, 2012 @ 12:41 AM | 5,316 Views
Just finished up my write-up on my most recent quadcopter build. This was my second attempt at building a multirotor platform. Unfortunately, at the time of the build I couldn't afford much so I ended up using a KK board inside. Information on the individual components I used as well as a build log can be found at the website below. Also, flight videos and information on how I flashed the ESC's and controller board can be found on the website.

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iPhone FPV

Posted by ukarmy04 | May 28, 2012 @ 01:47 PM | 6,714 Views
So after I built my DJI Quadcopter, I wanted to try out some FPV. I am currently planning out what equipment I will need to do legitimate FPV, but in the mean time I thought I might try a quick and dirty FPV setup. I wanted to use my iPhone as the camera on the quadcopter and stream back the footage to my computer. Previous attempts at this (as far as I have seen) have involved using FaceTime or Skype over a 3G connection. However, these types of connections have always been a little unreliable for me. To get around this I used an application called Reflection to stream the camera footage from my iPhone to my Macbook Pro.

I've written up a tutorial on how to setup the application as well as the iPhone on my website:

The videos below should give you an idea of the kind of lag you can expect with a setup like this.

iPhone FPV Demonstration - Slow Movement (0 min 17 sec)

iPhone FPV Demonstration - Fast Movement (0 min 23 sec)
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Posted by ukarmy04 | Dec 03, 2011 @ 06:18 PM | 4,215 Views

This was my first attempt at a multirotor. I drew inspiration from David Windestal's design ( but made a few changes of my own.


The Frame: The frame for this quad was designed for me by a friend ( and then 3D printed in black plastic.

The Arms: The arms are 6mm carbon tubing from HobbyKing and are each 4 inches long.

The ESC's: The ESC's are Turnigy 6A Plush.

The Motors: The motors are HexTronik 5g 2000kv brushless motors.

Propellors: Propellors are 5x3 and were very out of balance when I received them.

Controller Board: The controller board is a Hobbyking Quad Copter control board V2.

Receiver: 6ch Orange RX.

All miscellaneous connections were made using magnet wire and/or servo extension wire.


The arms were friction fitted into the frame slots so there was no need for adhesive. The motors were epoxied on to the carbon booms for simplicity sakes. The receiver was taken out of its case and the pins that weren't needed were cut off. The ESC and the controller board are mounted using double sided tape 4mm thick.

Total Price: ~$135