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Posted by jbejr | Dec 12, 2012 @ 12:01 PM | 1,939 Views
Finally got around to posting something. I'm not a big blogger so entrys will be far and few between. I'm not a seller on the groups but I have purchased a considerable amount of items ranging from misc parts to kits, heli's, and engines. I must say that I have had good luck with all my purchases,except one. My last purchase was a G62. I purchased the engine, paid with paypal, and was then gone for 3 weeks . I always have items shipped to my parents because they are always home as my job requires a good amount of travel. When I got back, no motor. Repeated efforts to contact the seller have resulted in no replys despite the good reviews he has had in the past. Paypal now has it in dispute and they are getting no response either. Hopefully it will be resolved. Kinda put a bad tast in my mouth but I cant let one bad apple ruin the entire basket.