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Posted by 6Sally5 | Feb 01, 2013 @ 11:24 PM | 4,983 Views
A month or so ago, a fellow flying an FMS FW-190 accidentally flew through my beloved P-47. Quite a spectacular mid-air collision I must say! I was tempted to just toss the chunks in the garbage and buy a new airframe. The flaps were destroyed. The more I got to looking at it, however, I decided to GG it back together, make new flaps from balsa, and do a few other mods to make it better anyway. It did fly again and did very well, but I wanted a bit more. Seeing ParkFlyer Plastics mod kit to make the "bubble top" into a "razorback" really piqued my interest...especially when they included also a scale-size pilot and new instrument panel. I ordered the $17 kit and started the mod. I also wanted to model an actual fighter, but it needed to have some cool nose art. Callie Graphics helped me out with that! My wife wasn't too happy, but I told her this was an "historical" aircraft and to lighten up! LOL. Here are my pics of the transformation. Problem is, I am so taken by this plane now, I'm half afraid to fly it and risk messing it up! Oh well.... Thanks for the great kit, Park Flyer and the fantastic decals, Callie!