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Posted by Wingnut13 | Mar 30, 2012 @ 12:08 PM | 4,725 Views
Hey guys,

I love my Fun Cub. I really would like to take advantage of the planes capabilities with FPV. I needed a good location to place the Go Pro without the view of the prop. So your not left with a lot of options, you can put the camera way out on the wing...... but that doesn't work. The camera has to be so far out to keep the prop out of view it just messes everything up.

So this is my solution. First I want to be able to put the FC back to a standard configuration. With that in mind I mounted the twin engines on the wing using pylons, only one bolt holds them on.

The second step will be removing the nose and adding a firewall of plywood. This should take care of two problems. I can mount the motor to the firewall and it will take care of the vibration issues. Finally, I can remove the cowl/engine and install my Go Pro to use the FC for FPV.

So if everything doesn't work out the way I want I will just return it back to "stock" and be done with it.