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Posted by Pierre_de’ Loop | Dec 30, 2016 @ 12:15 PM | 7,054 Views
This kit was old enough to come with the aluminum engine mounts once common in Sig kits. After building the firewall and getting everything lined up for the Satio engine I set the firewall aside thinking I'd use my father's drill press to drill the necessary holes in the aluminum.

While visiting my father for his 83rd birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) we ventured into his workshop to drill the holes. He was also good enough to let me use his band saw to cut out the cowling pieces that would have taken far longer had I cut them by hand. So with oil in hand we started the press and slowly began to drill our pilot holes. Fifteen minutes and two broken drill bits later we had two of the four holes drilled. Nuts.

I called Sig and placed an order for a glass filled engine mount for the Kadet Senior (and a Sig Parasol, because you can't have too many Sig Parasol's handy), but they sent me an extra large mount for a size 60-90 engine. Not wanting to completely butcher my firewall to accommodate the far larger engine mount, I called Sig, returned the mount and exchanged it for a mount one size smaller. When it arrived I discovered that I could use the holes at the top of the firewall and the engine thrust line would be fine, but I'd have to drill new holes at the bottom of the firewall to match the holes in the engine mount.

To prevent more trouble I carefully worked the blind nuts away from the firewall, and then plugged the holes with a bamboo skewer. Then I...Continue Reading