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Posted by ViperZ | Aug 27, 2013 @ 01:33 AM | 5,514 Views

My friend and I took the RC trucks out to the beach for some sand running. I have never done this before, and I know how hard it is on equipment, not to mention the chore of cleaning afterward. Let me say it was worth it, just for the pictures! I would do it all again.

I installed a Castle Creations Mamba Monster 2 ESC as well as a Neu-Castle 1415-2400kv motor running a 3s with 18/54 gearing. The truck performed very well, having loads of torque, and plenty of speed.

My Friends Summit has been modified with a Mamba Monster 2 ESC and 1512 -2650kv motor. It was insanely fun on the sand this day, do to the speed and control of the big tires he had mounted. The flotation was with out peer on the soft fine sand.

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Posted by ViperZ | Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:36 AM | 6,316 Views

So I have not been flying as much this year. I have been plying with my full size cars, photography work and playing with RC cars. It was RC cars that brought me into this hobby so many years ago, so it's only fitting I spend some time there.

I bought a HPI Sprint 2 Flux and a Slash 4x4 Ultimate a while back and these two have really consumed my RC time this season. The Slash has been a hoot to play with and the upgrades I keep finding for it are endless... It's like crack cocaine surfing ebay looking for parts.

The HPI Sprint has been more of a slow boil, as I was wanting to fit an McLaren body to it. These touring cars, really don't like low bodies like GTP, Can Am's and Prototypes. This is a sad state of affairs for me as those are the types of bodies I love, rather than these Mazda Speed or Infinity sedans that all look like nothing n the road today, and general resemble a Honda Civic.... Nothing against those cars, just not fulfilling to me as a car to play with while I dream and imagine while driving them... I digress.. I got the body to fit and hope to test run the car today.

Not to totally neglect the Airplane scene. I ordered a Park Zone Extra 300. I thought I needed a plane in my hanger that was simple, quick and easy to fly. I can load it in my SUV with out a lot of issues, fly it at the field, be in and out with out taking up the whole morning. Plus is foam so most pilot errors are generally fixable with out a lot of work. I'll let...Continue Reading