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Posted by ViperZ | Jan 31, 2012 @ 09:55 PM | 7,592 Views
No sooner had I finished up the Christen Eagle II, I cleared off my bench and started on the Alien Tech Nemesis EF1.

I got the motor box glued up the first night, the next evening I glued the fuselage sides together, and pressed them overnight. Tonight I framed up the main fuse and got the landing gear plates installed. So far so good!

I'm really enjoying this construction process and hope to build an airframe that flies true, fast and is durable too. I'm amazed at how well designed a kit like this can be to put together. The last kit I built was a long time ago and was composed of inked parts that needed to be cut out

I know there are some areas ahead I'll need to pay attention to and take care, however so far it's been very relaxing and therapeutic ...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Jan 23, 2012 @ 06:34 PM | 7,702 Views
The motor, spinner and prop arrived today! What a machine! I like the size of it and I'm anxious to to get it fitted, but must ten to domestic chores first, like making supper

Still was able to get some pictures in...

I got the motor box mounted and glued in place. I then mounted the motor just to See how she fits. It just fits... The Prop adapter is a 12mm shaft, so I need a bigger prop reamer as well I will need to drill out the Spinner back plate. My current one is only good to 10mm. With the Dave Brown Spinner, I think a longer bolt will be all that is needed to reach the prop adapter pre drilled and tapped hole. Good deal!

I noticed the motor box mounting cap screws are much longer than required so I will cut them down just to be sure I don't punture Lipos for any reason....Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Jan 18, 2012 @ 07:40 PM | 9,010 Views
I received my Nemesis EF1 kit today from Archie Adamsin (Iceman67), what a great thing to come home to and see it sitting in my hallway waiting for me

I was surprised at the small size of the box, however not really as this is a kit plane, as such it would be compact. I quickly cleared off some space on my bench and got to opening and fingering up all the parts! Needless to say I'm excited to get started on this, however realize I need to finish off my Bi-Plane first, as I don;t have the workspace to do both. Plus I want to give this plane my full undivided attention.

This kit was originally offered by Red Jensen, and when I missed getting one of these I disappointed until I heard Archie was now kitting the design. I so jumped on this, and cancelled my pre order I had on a E-Flite Shoestring ARF. I still want one of those, but I wanted this one more, and I was trying to be realistic with the timing. Besides this will give E-Flite time to iron out the minor issues with the kit in time for me

As soon as I ordered the kit form Archie I went to the hobby store and picked out my film covering rolls and colors. You see I have a scheme all planned for this, however now looking at the scale Nemesis racer and Red's photos, I'm sort of wanting the scale looking plane more and more.... The good thing is I have lots of time to decide which way to finish this, scale or my scheme...

For power I have a EF1 set up already, however I may also look at a higher powered...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Jan 15, 2012 @ 09:44 PM | 7,731 Views
I've been working on mine a little at a time, it seems with this sprained ankle, I'm just not as active or coherent, and most times just want to lay on the couch and watch sports..

I did get the landing gear installed as well as the tail feathers glued on. Every time I look at this unit I catch my self saying "F*$k me, this is going to be one sweet plane to fly..." Pardon my Chinese, but there is something about this plane that just speaks to me. I love the size and girth of the unit, yet it is so compact and efficient looking. I love the shape and stance of it!

I got my servos and power system ordered up. I will be using Hyperion HP-DS20-FMD Metal Gear digitalis for all controls. I'm using 2 of these in my Sundowner 50 with good success, while using the HP-DS16-FMD for the wings due to the thinner airfoil. I chose to stick with the DS20 for the wings in the Eagle for there is enough room in the wing. These servos have great speed and super strong torque specs.

For the Power System I went with an E-Flite Power 110. Not sure what to do with the spinners until I get the motor and see how it fits and go from there. I picked up a 10Amp Castle E-BEC to be used, but I have not yet decided on my ESC. I was going to just get a CC 100 Amp Ice, however I may just transfer that same 100amp ESC from my Sundowner 50 to the Eagle and replace the Sundowner with a HV unit so I can step that system up to a 10s, from 8s....

In case nobody has noticed, I'm really liking...Continue Reading