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Posted by ViperZ | Dec 29, 2011 @ 05:05 PM | 8,564 Views
The Eagle has Landed today. I had a quick look, The one thing that was really impressive yet funny was the fuselage. It's huge in a strange way. Short but chubby! The girth of it is impressive. It reminds me of some kind of fish... Heh!

This is one nice airplane! I'm so looking forward to building and flying it...
Posted by ViperZ | Dec 07, 2011 @ 09:48 PM | 9,888 Views
With the discontinuation of the BH Pitts, I reverted to Plan B... The Hangar 9 Christen Eagle II 90 size. This is about a 1/5 scale plane, so it still in the class I was looking for.

It was confirmed that Hangar 9 was shipping today and I was told I should have mine in about 2 weeks time. That works out just in time for Christmas holidays, it will give me time to paw it up and strategize on it's construction and power specifications. I'm thinking E Flite Power 110 (295kV), Scorpion S4035 (330kV), equivalent or up spec, powered with 8s Lipos. I may have to get a Sullivan smoker kit as well

I'm sure Hangar 9 has done a great job on it, so I'm looking forward to it


Hangar 9 Christen Eagle (1 min 39 sec)

On another note, I received my Turnigy G25 710Kv motors and servos today for my P-47 Project. The servos are slightly bigger than I wanted, they will fit with some carving, but I may just get something else for the flaps, and save these for another project.

The G25 motors look good and I was hoping to run some power readings, however I don't happen to have motor connectors and will need to go tot the hobby store tomorrow. Stay tunes, I'll post results in the P-47 Thread or in my Build Blog.
Posted by ViperZ | Dec 03, 2011 @ 03:37 PM | 10,258 Views

More & Completed Photos in thread comments

I thought it was time to post an update to this project. It really sort of began in the middle of summer after a faithful midair, head on collision. I was flying along the flight line about 30 feet high; WOT, when I struck another plane head on. The plane looked very rough but fixable. The fuselage was in good shape with the exception of the cracks in the firewall. The wing was torn up pretty bad, but fixable. I decided to order the P-47 replacement airframe to transfer over the guts and hold on to the crash parts for a possible future project.

The New air frame was built up with the original Snortin Bull however I had upgraded the motor to a Turnigy G25 870kV, with a Plush 60amp ESC. Using a 4s 2650 Lipo and the stock 9.5 x7.5 prop, this thing really tore up the sky with unlimited power and climb rates, all the while giving 5 solid minutes of flight time, mostly WOT! It is a much improved plane when it has this kind of power and speed. I then rebadge this Snortin Bull 2 as "Elsie, LiL Butch" from Callie Graphics, and I'm very happy with the look of this plane and scheme. There is something about a silver bubble top Jug that I just love!

So, Snorting Bull 1, was all crashed, gutted and in need of some love. I ordered the Park Flyer Plastics Razorback conversion kit and started at it. I have always wanted to do the Snafu P-47 Razorback, so an email to Callie Graphic set the wheels in...Continue Reading