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Posted by ViperZ | Oct 28, 2011 @ 08:01 PM | 10,024 Views
After a bit of sit and see, what the season would bring, I though it time to upgrade my Tx. I had wanted the DX8 from the start, but I didn't know how hard I wanted to commit to the hobby. At the time I thought the DX6 was all I wanted to be in for, as much as I wanted the DX8.

I have run out of Model memory so I had no choice. I was waffling between the DX8 and the JR 11x. In the end I went with the DX8 just for the price, the telemetry unit and the Extra Bonus FREE AR8000 Rx ... Whats not to like?

I think this should fit the bill for a little while longer. The one thing I was not looking forward to was the re program and set-up of all my aircraft's. However the longer I delay, the more it builds up so I thought best do in ASAP.

So that's it, nothing really special, but I had to write about something

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Posted by ViperZ | Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:44 AM | 9,403 Views
I'm totally pumped and still vibrating on a high from how great this PA Extra MX plane flies! This plane is actually making me into a better pilot!

Today I took the Extra MX and my Pogo EF1 out to the flying field.... These 2 planes could not be further at both ends of the spectrum LOL! I flew the Extra MX first, then the Pogo. Both were fun, but freaky in contrast! The MX was relaxing, yet exhilarating at the same time. The Pogo was just a high speed adrenaline rush from start to finish, with no rest in between

They're so different, however I'll probably not pair this combo together for some time The MX was like a Cup of Hot Chocolate on a cold day, the Pogo was like chasing it afterward with a Berry Blast Slurpee! That's not to say I could do with out one or the other, rather each plane has it's moments, depending on my mood and how I want to fly. Seeing sail planes out at the field really set the tone, as did starting with the MX. I flew one flight with the Pogo and then flew the MX for the remainder of the day

Anyway, the Extra MX was awesome to fly! This plane is actually making me into a better pilot, in that it makes me look good, doing stuff I never knew I could even think of doing. I'm a rank beginner trying to move to intermediate pilot, but I was Knife edging the length of the flight line, flying inverted the length of the field, finishing with an outside loop and roll, doing inverted spins.... Actually hovering!

On lookers were...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Oct 19, 2011 @ 10:06 PM | 6,585 Views
Just blathering....

The more I fly this plane, the more I love how it feels to be in command of something that looks so great, sounds so powerful, and flies with so much authority in the sky! This is one keeper of a plane!

There is a definite connection between me and this plane! I suppose it's easy to say when the power system (it's heart) was spec'd by myself, with the help of a few key people in the Sundowner 50 Fast setup thread. You know who you are! It has gobs of power, and is very fast in the sky for such a big plane... We estimate about +120mph flat out, 130mph in a shallow dive. The presence of this big plane at speed is impressive!

As the season is winding down up here in Canada, it will be sad to have to put this one away for hibernation, but I just can't see myself out there at -30c flying this one with skis

Here are some more more photos of it courtesy of Kevin B. our club photographer

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Posted by ViperZ | Oct 16, 2011 @ 08:47 PM | 6,554 Views
Last weekend I had a slight fly away with my newly revamped P-47 Jug. It is comprised of a new air frame, Turnigy G25 motor, Turnigy 60A Plush ESC, and Nanotech 4s 2650 batteries, swinging a 9.5x7.5 prop. I had a few flight in under this new power system and it displayed lots of power! It was the 3rd flight and I ran it mostly wide open. I had also switch over to 10.5x9 prop for the increased speed. It wasn't really apparent, however I suspect it drew a lot more amps. I should have measured it before I flew it, but you know how it is...

So My 6 minute timer went off, after a mainly WOT flight from start to stop, I was flying it out to swing around for the landing, when I felt it was losing throttle response, I thought sure, my batteries are out.. But then it just continued to fly straight away with no radio response either.... I must have lost it all as it was pretty far away when I made the walk of shame out to it after it crash landed.

It had landed on the left wing tip, causing it to crack along the chord , the cowl was busted up as was the prop... Other than that, it was looking pretty good and did seem to display throttle and control response when I had it in hand. Anyway, lesson here is reduce the timer to 5 mins, and be sure to measure any high perf props should I adjust again.

I took it home, glued it it up and replaced what needed replacement. While I was there I decided it was time to change out the Snorting Bull Motif to the Elsie LiL Butch...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Oct 08, 2011 @ 09:42 PM | 6,697 Views
After supper the wind had died down significantly so I quickly packed up the MX and headed out to the field... The conditions were beautiful, as the autumn sun was setting.

I quickly assembled the MX and put her to the air. Upon take off I noticed it seemed really tail heavy so I made one quick circuit, landed her and adjusted the CG. I pushed the batteries forward by a good 2 inches and took off again.

It still seemed somewhat tail heavy, but it was certainly better. I took her up 3 mistakes high and started to make trim adjustments. I really had to trim in lots of down elevator so she would stop climbing like a home sick puppy. A bit of left aileron trim and I think that was it. One thing I noticed was this thing really responds to trim adjustments. One or two ticks one way on the aileron or elevator would have the plane pitching in that direction quickly..

Once settled, I started to just fly it around and get use to how it felt. It certainly was not what I was expecting... Recently I've been flying fast moving planes, and this one took me by surprise in that it doesn't really fly fast, but man can it ever stay up in the air at any speed. It's like a radio control kite or something... Even when I landed it, it seemed to take forever to float down to the ground. The difference it would seem is everything I have been flying recently depends on speed to fly, where as the Extra MX doesn't seem to need speed at all to fly, it just needs air under it`s...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Oct 08, 2011 @ 05:35 PM | 6,590 Views
I packed up my Extra MX and PZ P-51 and headed to the flying field, even though it felt much too windy out, I had to see what it was like... As I approached the flying field at about 12:00, I seen nobody was there. This should have been my first clue. As I was unlocking the gate, I suspected nobody had been at the field today there were no tracks in. It had rained all day yesterday, so the road in was untraveled & squishy. I had the truck in 4 wheel drive, and it was still sort of squirming about.

As I was unpacking, the Extra MX and P-51 was being blown around by the wind. A quick measurement showed the conditions at the field were between 30 &40 km/h wind from the south west. I knew I probably wasn't going to fly the Extra MX, but planed to take the P-51 up as that is my go to plane no matter what.

I assembled the Extra MX, just in case, however as I assembled I was struggling to keep the pieces, bags and parts in check and from blowing away.... I then knew I would not fly the MX, as I just didn't want to risk it.

I finished assembly, took a few pictures, and then put the P-51 in the air. This plane is a dream to fly regardless of the conditions. I think because I'm so relaxed with it, it always inspires confidence. Still, I flew only one pack and decided it was time to call it quits, and try again another day... Like Clint Eastwood said "A Mans Gotta know his limitations...."...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Oct 02, 2011 @ 11:21 PM | 7,557 Views
After the mid air collision from last week, I was able to get the Jug rebuild with a new air frame. The old fuselage was almost intact, with the exception for the plastic fire wall that had a bunch of cracks in it. I decided to just order the entire airframe and replace the guts, save the old fuse and replace the firewall for a secondary P-47 project.

The New P-47 uses a Turnigy G25 870 kV motor, Turnigy Plush 60A ESC, 4s 2650 mah, 25c Lipo, swinging the stock 9.5 x 7.5 prop. The calculated prop speed is 82 MPH. Flying it today I would say this set up has given the P-47 new life. Before with the stock BL-15 and 3s set-up, it was adequate, but it really didn;t climb well, and it was underpowered. With this new set up ti flys much faster and does seem to have unlimited vertical.

I left the stock paint scheme for now as I will paint up the old fuselage as a winter project.

On a different front, the Precision Aerobatics Extra MX is coming together, and hope fully I may get to fly her soon. I'm a bit apprehensive about flying this unit as every time I fly a 3D plane in the sims, I crash lots.. The amount of control and the insane angles a person gets with one of these planes is mind blowing! I definitely will need to tone down the throws and increase the expo for this one.

One thing about the construction of this kit it the amount of little things that a constructor needs to do to get it ready to fly. It's small fiddly stuff, but it has been satisfying.....Continue Reading