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Posted by ViperZ | Sep 26, 2011 @ 06:55 AM | 7,223 Views
It was a successful maiden flight! The plane flew very well and is impressive in sound and in the air. It drew a lot of comments just in throttle ups on the pad. Many said it sounds very powerful! Another exclaimed "Yippe Ky Yay, MF"

The plane lifted off a lot faster than I had expected it would. My take of was a bit shaky, but really in spite of it, I felt in control. I though it would use more run way when suddenly it lifted off... I think I throttled back a touch, but then realized what was going on, throttle up, and adjusted for the wing tips rolling from side to side (you'll see it in the video). After review of it I think I do not need to hold full up elevator withthis plane as I do with my others. It's become a bad habit to hold full up elevator with my Parkzone P-47 to prevent nose ins, as well as my Pogo to keep the tail wheel planted to prevent left torque steer.

Once in the air it was smooth..... and fast!! I didn't really open it up too much at first as I wanted to get a feel for the plane. After I did, it was impressive! It has a nice whistle of wind over and through it that makes it so cool sounding. The Scorpion motor was sounding great too! Because the airspace was busy, I was cautious, especially as I'm a bit gun shy from my mid air collision the day before.

I found the rates set very well... The elevator could use some reduction in throw as pulling full amounts makes the plane almost flip over unnaturally. However the...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Sep 24, 2011 @ 08:17 PM | 5,949 Views
I was involved with my first Mid Air collision today that resulted in a spectacular explosion of parts in the air! I wished somebody would have captured this on video or pictures. regardless, it will be one of those stories that gets better as time progresses.

I was flying along the flight line at about 30 feet, when all of a sudden I seen a plane in my path. It happened so quick I didn't have time to even react, as I 'm sure we were both moving at WOT. As most times you sort of think you may miss each other and that you are not as close as you think, however with in this split second thought, it happened so fast.... It was a head on that produced a most impressive "SMACK". "CRUNCH"

I called out "Planes coming down on to the field" as there where others still the air. I watched helplessly as my plane tumbled to the ground. Lucky all the parts came down in the same area. In fact my pilot even ejected! LOL

Greg the other party had to collect many parts on the field, as his plane was balsa, where as mine was foam. In the end I could rebuild mine. His is a total write off (as he said). My wing could be fixed, but I think I will just get a new one. The fuse was intact (so I though), however upon inspection at home, the motor mount is cracked pretty bad. So I may as well get a new fuse too. They have a complete Air frame kit I have already ordered.

It was a day of carnage as others where having problems as well. Must have been the great sunshine and non existent wind
Posted by ViperZ | Sep 20, 2011 @ 01:10 AM | 5,681 Views
After getting a set of custom wing bags from the PA Extra MX "Bling Package", I decided it was time to get the wing bags made for the Sundowner 50.

I made it out of a roll of Reflectix bought at Home Depot. Almost as nice as the PA Extra MX wing bags from the "Bling Package"... Okay maybe not, but they are custom made for the SD 50, holding the Wing tube in the corner, top flap secured with Velcro tabs and comes with carry strap that matched the plane
Posted by ViperZ | Sep 19, 2011 @ 12:29 AM | 5,489 Views
Lately I have been flying my Pogo LR-1A the most as I find it's just a blast to fly. I absolutely love that plane! I have been getting close to getting the Sundowner 50 in the air, however I'm still waiting for the external CC 10 A BEC to arrive and some other bits. I did finally secure an APC 12x12e prop, however I also have some TGS 12x12 and 12x10 props coming as well.

So... I was in Calgary for the weekend and visited PM Hobby Craft, apparently the largest RC hobby store in Canada. I'm not sure if this is true, but it is time well wasted wandering through the store looking at all the inventory

My first trip there I walked out with only a few items, foam putty repair material, 12x12e APC prop for the Sundowner, a new Radio strap and some landing gear covers for my ParkZone P-47. But I did have plans for something, but I couldn't decide... It was over supper that I made my choice....

I went the next day and picked up a Precision Aerobatics Extra MX Kit. I have been wanting one of these since I started flying and I though it was time. I ended up getting the Airframe kit with the iPAs Power Package, and the optional "Bling Kit" as well as a Spektrum 6210 Rx to finish it off. I thought I may as well get everything I needed to get the plane in the air, as the season is nearly over and it would be nice to get at least a flight or two in before winter hits Getting the iPAs Power Option saves me form having to wade through, source and plan the...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Sep 05, 2011 @ 01:33 PM | 4,918 Views
I installed my rudder and elevator servos last night and sonnofagun if the control rods they give you aren't different lengths! I installed my elevator first, then went to install the rudder and realized I use the longest rod and now the rudder rod is too short... DOH!

In other news.. I installed the pilot and cut a sheet of plastic for under him. Something about the head on a stick look I was not digging. I have not finished the front of the cockpit yet as I may try to come up with an instrument panel, or not we'll see.

Checked the CG and as mentioned earlier int he Sundowner thread, my airplane also requires the batteries to be mounted as far back as possible. They are against the fibreglass wing tube, and it's still slightly nose heavy, but should be close enough. I will need another extension cord for the ESC to Rx as I had to move the Rx back.

Well, if it wasn't for a too short of a rudder control rod, and a lack of proper propeller, the SD-50 would be ready to maiden.... Darn Stat Holiday making a day of rest

So I took the Sundowner out for it first light of day for some pictures anyway. This is one heavy plane at what I estimate to be ~10lbs

I'm really looking forward to this one! Planning and building this airplane model reminded me of my Hot Rod'ding days of full sized cars. I can see me wanting a few more of these!
Posted by ViperZ | Sep 01, 2011 @ 10:27 PM | 5,370 Views
All the main parts have arrived to start construction of the Sundowner 50. I started with aileron servo trays. They required gluing blocks to the tray to mount the servos. After the epoxy was setting I though to myself why not use servo tape...? I then read on the Hi-Performance Forum that many do just glue the servos to the tray. Other forum members that have been helping me out also said they just glue the servos to the tray as well. Seeing as I already had the block glued in place I decided to use them, but I also added servo tape to make it more secure...

Once the wings and linkage were done I then turned to the power system. I had to cut out the cooling holes in the firewall area and cut the exit hole in the ultracote covering.

Then it was time for the Scorpion motor to meet it's home! It fit beautifully, and the standoffs will not required modification. The cowl spacing looked great! I will need to come up with a better solution to position the cowl with the set screws. I had put grommets in the cowl holes to prevent scratching of the cowl, however I need something more positive to position and immobilize the cowl.

The ESC is indicated to be mounted on the underside of the firewall box. I suppose this is a good place as it's in the cooling air stream.

That's it for tonight...

Thanks for Reading!

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