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Posted by ViperZ | Apr 28, 2011 @ 12:48 AM | 4,411 Views
I received my Micro Heli aluminum blade grips today. So even though I have not yet received my B Grips replacements form Horizon Hobby, in spite of being one of the first on the list to submit, no matter, I was wanting these MH ones in the end.

The Grips look very nice and come with bearings fully installed, as well as a 2 sets of brass dampers that go between the blade grips and the head. One set is said to be "Soft" for indoor and hovering type of flying. The other set being "Hard" for 3D and outdoor flying. I installed the Hard.

I have not yet test flown however will do that tomorrow. Over all it looks very nice! Action is smooth with no binding. In fact the over all head is a lot tighter with no play when pulling on the blades as recommended to check the Stock A grips.
Posted by ViperZ | Apr 25, 2011 @ 10:05 PM | 3,662 Views
So after my crash yesterday, I rebuilt the mCPx, using a new set of landing gear, the original canopy and the solid carbon tail boom I had previously made. I used some shrink tubing on the boom to conceal the wires. I had to desolder the leads at the board end to get the tubing on, but it fit really nice I think. I was considering using red, yellow or even blue shrink tubing, but decided to stick with basic black.

I took it outside and hovered around in my back yard. The weight of the extra tubing does not seem to have any adverse effect on the heli. In fact the heli just seem to fly more solid overall. I actually hovered and messed around through 2 packs with out incident and no crashes.... This is a first!!

I'll count my wins and call it a day!

Thanks for reading!
Posted by ViperZ | Apr 24, 2011 @ 04:50 PM | 3,300 Views
It was a quiet windless morning, so I took the opportunity to try some flying in the park at the end of my street. Temperature was 1C. I had been pretty busy of late and have not been able to focus or think about RC flying.

I flew 3 packs of batteries through the Champ. The 150 mAh only lasted about 4 minutes at full charge. I wonder how much of that is affected by the temperature? I then used 2 of the 120 mAh packs form the mSR, those were even shorter, about 2 minutes. I really enjoy flying this little plane as I find it very relaxing, unlike Helicopters.

So I then turned to the mCPx. I have not been having a lot of luck with this thing as it seems every time I fly it, it breaks and needs more parts. It's like a needy teenage child to me that is always getting in to trouble and holding it hand out for money... Funny how even a person toys can emulate it's owner's character from times past

So I was really finally starting to have fun with this mCPx. I was hovering well, running it in idle up mode. I was fast forward flying it and it was very exhilarating the speed this thing has! I even inverted it (Whoo Hoo!). Sure I crashed it soon thereafter inverted, but no harm, and it was inverted!

I was then just hovering it around doing some FFF, when suddenly in a blink of an eye it was an indiscernible speck, and I did not know which way it was pointing. Needless to say I hit throttle hold and it crashed down onto the soccer pitch in what seemed like...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Apr 10, 2011 @ 06:58 PM | 4,106 Views
OK, I promise someday soon, I'll stop posting about the mCPx, however, it seems this little Heli has been consuming my life of the hobby

Nothing has changed in my progression of flying this little heli. I'm still crashing each time out, and having to repair parts each time. The DX6i radio has helped to tame it down in handling and allowed me to do basic hovers and quick throttle cuts without too much damage to the heli. I suppose I'm progressing, but very marginally and slowly...

One thing I noticed during a long controlled hovering session is the whole tail rotor assembly shakes and vibrates a lot. I think Blade really under designed this tail boom assembly and should have went with a beefier unit. It seems it is a common replacement item in all the threads, and I myself have replaced mine already as well. I even noticed my newly replaced boom was starting to split. I glued it up with CA glue which helped, but then the other day I noticed the other side was starting to split. Not sure why for I have not been crashing that section as much. Anyway, I glued it up again with CA, and then added the extra supporting strut to help stop the vibrations and shaking of the tail rotor.

It seems to have helped, as I was out flying today I noticed the tail section looks a lot more solid with less vibration and shaking. I basically used a MSR training kit's carbon rod, and sanded an angle end that would meet up with the boom. I then drilled a hole in to the frame that is a tight fit and still allows removal of the whole tail assembly. I then CA glued the the strut and boom area sprinkled carbon fillings over the area. The O-Rings where pre installed and slid over in case the CA did not hold, but it seems it is so far.

Hopefully I get to fly my bigger heli soon once the new servos arrive... I'm also looking at buying an airplane, so maybe I'll have something different to write about.

Thanks For Reading!
Posted by ViperZ | Apr 07, 2011 @ 07:11 AM | 11,044 Views
I broke down the other day and ordered a Spektrum DX6i for the mCPx. I thought in the end if I was going to get any enjoyment out of this mCPx, I really needed a programmable radio. In the end, the DX6i seemed like a low investment for my growing Horizon Hobby products.

I charged the batteries, and proceeded to program the radio for the mCPx, mCX-2, mSR, and HobbyZone Champ. I set up the mCPx as suggested in the manual, however adjusted the pitch curves at Normal. Even the recommended settings still looked to have negative pitch at low stick. I shifted the whole range to start at about 0 pitch and then up from there. In my quick test of the Heli in my living room, it's feeling a lot better. I can't wait to check it outside. I'm hoping it makes it easier to get smoother flights out of....

With the Radios came some spare parts I was needing, that were not available locally, landing gear, Blades, and battery adapters.

Thanks for Reading!

Posted by ViperZ | Apr 05, 2011 @ 10:08 PM | 7,922 Views
I hope I outgrow this hack stage of Heli-dom... Nothing against the mCPx, but man there isn't a day I have gone flying with out breaking something and having to fix something, I know it's not really the Heli's fault, as I'm a hack, but to be fair, this Heli doesn't seems as robust as people thought it would be. It hardly takes the abuse my mSR, or mCPX can take. If I was to compare it on a scale to my V450 Walkera, I'm having to fix and repair the mCPx much more, as it is not as stable to fly for me, and each time out, always end with having to head back to the show for repairs.

Today I had my best session with it so far. To the point that I was able to contain it and actually feel as if something was starting to click. After what what seemed like an eternity of no incident flying, it started coming at me tail first PDQ! I countered and gave it forward cyclic, which worked, but then it got to far forward, and I had to give it rear cyclic to keep it in check. This time however it came at me tail first, and what seemed like full throttle reverse. I tried to get out of the way, however was not successful. It hit me, and crashed to the ground in what seemed like a harmless low speed fall after I absorbed most of the impact and velocity.

When I picked it up of the ground, the front landing gear had broken, and a front body pin had snapped off. So back to my shop for the fix. I have a set of prefixed (hot glued) landing gear and will try it on this now broken one. For the body pin, I'm not really wanting to replace the frame just yet, so I heated a clothing pin and stuck it in the frame. I then trimmed it to length, and applied heat shrink to the pin. Seems like it will work for the time being

This mCPx is really turning into a backyard mechanics special!

Thanks For Reading

Posted by ViperZ | Apr 02, 2011 @ 04:13 PM | 14,392 Views
Now that the weather has turned to around 0C, the snow id meting during the days, it gives me a chance to fool around with the mCPx outside. Previously I was limited due to all the snow. I would crash land into the snow, and then that would be it. I would have to stop in fear of shorting out the electronics. This happened to my mSR and I even seen a puff of smoke form the board. To this day that poor little thing has never been the same

So with my Walkera grounded as I wait for servos, I took the chance to fly the mCPx. I have to say, this thing is still a handful regardless of what is said. I can't seem to control it as well as my V450, or my mSR. But I suppose I'll get better sometime .

I head out with it on my back driveway pad, hover around, forced to do some damage control on inadvertent fast forward and side ways flight (LOL), hit some overhead lines, take out the fence. It was nutty. Broke a set of landing gear, broke a blade.

Not discouraged, I come inside replace the parts. I had landing gear on hand, but no spare performance blades. So I use the Speed blades (bullet), and head back outside. I'm hovering around again, and once again forced to counter the slight breeze and crazy fast flight of this mCPx if it gets moving... I'm doing OK, recovering fine until this one time when I just lost the handle. Once again I take out the fence, and once again, I break another blade, land in a pile of mud

Yet again, not to be discouraged, I head back...Continue Reading