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Archive for March, 2011
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 31, 2011 @ 09:52 PM | 4,655 Views
I've been waiting for this unit to arrive and could not wait to try it out. The set up was very easy, and it updated right away including 24 new air crafts.

So I connected up my Walkera 2801 Tx. It was not on the list however adding to it is fairly simple. It runs through a quick calibration of the Tx, and then is basically ready to go.

Graphics are very nice! I had was giggling as I was first flying and taking the pictures. Of course the aircrafts crashed, and the effect was very realistic!

I guess back it
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 30, 2011 @ 10:02 PM | 7,871 Views

Early Taken Picture V450 with mSR

OK, so it wasn't so much flying, rather hovering around in my backyard and alleyway. The good news is I was able to hold a solid hover, keeping it at around 2 to 5 feet in the air, and keep in in the general area, even though at times I felt I was going to lose it. It seems as I make the corrections to hold it in check, some times I over correct and it starts to move PDQ into a direction. The counter actions start to create this see-saw effect as I try maintain control LOL

In the end I was pretty happy with my session, and burned through 2 full packs, 16 minutes of hovering, no incidents, other than one quick landing in the alley way with the tail-rotor making like a snow thrower as it planted into a pile of snow

Sorry no pictures of the session as nobody was home to help take pictures, but I did take some pictures of my mCPx to show somebody here the color variance between the Canopy and Tail. It's very slight and the pictures accentuate it as the canopy is more translucent, and the tail opaque. To the eye it's really indiscernible.
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 29, 2011 @ 12:40 PM | 3,946 Views
So, I'm laying on the couch sick from a cold/flu when I hear the mailman place something in my mail box. It's got to be my spare parts for the mCPx I think... Sure enough it was! So I take a break from being sick and install my new tail boom. Farewell for the time being to the Ghetto-boom, you have served me well and may get more action later down the road.

What I wanted to write about was the effectiveness of tethering the dog bone links from the swashplate to the blade grips. After losing 2 links I tether my links with spare tail rotor wire I had laying around. I was flying the mCPx inside and it wasn't too long before I got out of control, and ran it into my hand. Actually it was careening out of control heading for my face and it was a defensive mechanism to block it with my right hand. Sucker that smarts!! The hand that is. It's still stinging 30 minutes later as I type this Be careful out there!

So I save my face by shielding it with my hand, the mCPx bounces off and falls on the couch in what looked like a mangled heap. It was OK, one link popped completely off, and the other one pulled out at the swashplate, but was still connected to the blade grip. This is one mod that seems worth the effort.

Looking at the mCPx, I'm starting to grow a fondness for all the required attention it needs to continue flying safely. It's like this nice little dog that is full of fun and energy, but man look out, because if your not careful, it'll bite
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:01 AM | 4,786 Views
I have been using the RC Desk Pilot Flight sim and learning a lot from it. It's a great free program that can be Downloaded Here. The free ware program is limited in the available aircraft, and the graphics are not as good as some of the other standard sims, but hey, it's free!

I had to modify my Logitech Rumble Pad as the thumb buttons really didn't give me that sense as if I was controlling a RC craft, rather it felt as if I was playing a PC or console game. So I pulled the buttons off and tried it with just the stubby metal shafts. Better, but not great as I had to use the tops of my thumbs only. So I found these wooden pegs in my shop that I quickly drilled and ground down to simulate a Tx control shaft. Pressed them onto the rumble pad and there you have it! It feels more like I'm flying an RC craft now.

I do have the Phoenix Sim coming which will allow me to use the radio of my choice, and from what I can tell, the graphics are very sweet! I'm looking forward to that, however until then, the RC Desk Pilot has been a great tool.

I started tinkering with my future plans Hughes 500e this morning. I need to find a way to get the Nav lights into the main skids. The LED's will fit on the end of the skids no problems, and I do have a plan on how to finish them off at that end. The challenge is how to run the wires up the legs of the landing gear into the main body. The Legs are made of solid plastic, and my first thought was to drill a lengthwise hole,...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 26, 2011 @ 12:39 PM | 2,996 Views
So, after thinking it over for a bit, I was ready to go bite on a new Spektrum DX6i for the collection of Horizon Hobby RC craft I've been collecting. More so I was looking for a way to tame the mCPx so it was not so hectic to handle. I was able to tune my Walkera V450D01 via it's programmable Tx and it really helped to make it an enjoyable learning experience, which I can't say has been true of the mCPx.

So I ask the local hobby expert, who knows I've been on the fence on this for a bit. I have also been thinking about Spektrum DX8, hoverer it's too early in the game to know if I want to make this kind of investment just yet, that and I'm a bit gun shy of some of the things I've read regarding the problems with the DX8.

I thought, OK, the DX6i is a small investment, and would not put me out too much,until I decided on a flagship radio. I'm more a Futaba fan from the past, however I was thinking a JR X9503 would fit the bill on both accounts....Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 25, 2011 @ 10:44 PM | 3,685 Views
Well, I have to update and say, the mCPx is not working as well as I had planned... This is no fault of the mCPx, rather more my inexperience. I'm trying, but I can not catch a break, or should I say I'm always catching breaks .

I have barely ran a full pack through it and I have already broken the tail boom, lost 2 head links, cracked one rotor blade, had to push up the main gear, this is important to check after a crash, especially if the Heli starts to flutter vibrate a little after mid stick, and them smooth out at full stick. Tonight I just broke the landing gear after a quick hover in my living room.

It's getting to the point that before I start I wonder what I'm going to take out or break each time I use it.... In my hands, this is no way an indoor Helicopter. I need to take it outside where I have room to make mistakes. Unfortunately it's winter here still with lots of snow and -15C temps. So Maybe I need to relax for a bit and be patient.

I certainly give credit to those that are skilled enough to fly this indoors and in tight quarters... One person in the mCPx owners thread even stated he let his 6 year old try it and he hovered it with no problems.... Now that makes me feel like crap! LOL

Anyway, I'm sure it will get better some time, however right now it's a parts train to the LHS where they actually don't have a lot of parts yet, so I have ordered them on line, however I'm breaking them before the spares arrive. It's a bit frustrating...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 23, 2011 @ 02:04 AM | 4,560 Views
Well, it didn't take too long before I broke the mCPx... I'm such a hack. I barely finished my first battery when I hit the chair leg. The heli looked and sounded like it exploded, the canopy blew off, and the tail boom snapped off where it entered the frame.

I tried CA'ing the boom, and flew it around some more, but it wasn't too durable, and ended up wanting to break again, so I make one out 2mm solid carbon tube I had laying around from my Kites whiskers. I re soldered and wrapped the wires around the boom for the time being as I wanted to try it out. It seems to work OK and should do until the replacement arrives.

While I was at it I also took some 50lb Spectra kite line I had and made a blade grip containment leash in an attempt to hold it together should the head blow apart. This seems to be a common complaint with this Heli.
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 21, 2011 @ 08:50 PM | 3,587 Views
I had been waiting for this new Blade to arrive into my grubby paws.... At the time I pre ordered it back in early Feb I thought it would be a good training platform for learning to fly a Helicopter. Since then I realize how wrong I maybe. It may teach me a few things, but one thing I have learned is... Being able to fly my small helis like the mSR, mCP-2, barely translates to flying a bigger heli like the 450 outside. Sure there are some things that I take comfort in being familiar with, however it only scratches the surface in preparation for flying a different unit.

So here it is, I'm excited, but I'm also reserved about it. In fact since ordering it, I have started to wonder of my path of Helis, as I find I'm falling back in love with airplanes No matter, it's all good, as it's still learning.

So I have lots to read up on tonight in preparations for this Heli. I bought the RTF for I do not own a quality Spektrum TX just yet, and was not sure what to get , so the cost of entry seem insignificant at this time until I do decide on what to buy.

Of interest is the addendum supplemental sheet that came packaged with the mCPx. It seems sort of aimed at the issue of the exploding rotor grips I had just recently read and learned about. They say to inspect them each time before flying by testing the play. If there is more than allowable, the procedure is to remove the blades and re tighten the feathering shaft spindle bolts....

Batteries are charging, and it's time to do some reading myself.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by ViperZ | Mar 19, 2011 @ 08:43 PM | 3,374 Views
So I've been getting back into the hobby... I've been away for a long time, what brought me back was these toy class Litehawk Helicopters I bought as gifts to give for Christmas. I had to buy one for myself too, since then I have added:
  • Blade mSR
  • Walkera V450D01
  • Blade MCX-2
  • Hobby Zone Champ
  • Blade mCP-X
  • Phoenix Flight Sim

I love it so far, but there sure is a lot to learn again, and although part of it is like riding a bike, and I do remember lots of stuff, it is basically like learning again. Thankfully I have a friend that is also learning with me

We started with the Helicopters... I've never flown Helis before, but it is what has brought me back to this hobby. I'm finding my love for the planes again, and need to hold back for some times I'm like a kid in a candy store regarding RC. My real back ground is RC cars and competitive racing of 12th Elec, 10th Elec and 1/8 Nitro. Although I dabbled with planes, I was never really what you would consider a good pilot. I built many Sig Kadets only to fly them into the ground All the while I would be building hotter planes such as a Pitts S2, Pylon Racers, Currare Pattern planes. I finished them all, however never was able to fly them as I sold it all to move on... Well, it seems I'm back for now

Today was another learning day where my buddy and I were going to fly our newly acquired Hobby Zone Champ micro planes. We had been talking about them all week and were really looking forward to this day. I also...Continue Reading
Posted by ViperZ | Mar 18, 2011 @ 08:05 PM | 4,086 Views
So I'm relatively new to the RC Heli hobby, and I'm just learning to fly. However because me and RC Planes and Cars go back a long way, I'm not new to the hobby in general. I have recently got back in after a long hiatus, and it seems I just can't curb my enthusiasm with these helicopters and planes.

I started by purchasing a Walkera V450D01 for it seem like the right size, and price with out a lot of investment to see if i liked flying helicopters. It would seem I have a lot to learn yet, however my end goal is to be able to fly a bit of 3D, but more so to have a scale Helicopter. I was planning on a 600 size scale eventually, however that could be a long ways away, and in fact even learning to fly is a long ways away yet. I certainly don't seem to lack enthusiasm....

Anyway, sorry for the rambling... What I really wanted to post about is a trial fitment of an Align Hughes 500e (450 class) to the Walkera V450D01. I just found the price on these irresistible, so although I didn't plan on fitting the fuse to my learn to fly machine, I had to buy the fuse and see how it would fit, or if I should build this scale from a bare bones kit bit it 450 Pro or clone.

The fuse arrived today and I promptly took apart the V450D01 to see how it would fit.

Generally not bad. The tail rotor servo will need to be moved, but other than that I think it will slide right in. The air frame sits higher into the fuse than I would have though, so the battery will also have to me...Continue Reading