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Posted by philipain | Dec 19, 2011 @ 07:26 AM | 3,861 Views
Hi ,
After building a stick out of foam-board that has been a great flyer and survived a altercation with a strand of fence wire while trying to limbo with little more than a dent/cut in the wing and a dislodged engine mount and the plane was back in the air within an hour. I decided to attempt using the same plan and modifying it into a BIPE STICK, how it will fly is still to be seen and will keep you posted. The plan I used was this one (Fuz inverted)

After searching the web I came across plans for a bipe stick and using the proportions used on that plan I modified the top wing and cabane strut to suit the scale of the plan on this site.

The wings I have made out of 10mm foam-board and by slicing the leading and tailing edge with a homemade jig I have achieved a very nice airfoil. The fuz. is 3mm foam-board and plywood front former that serves as the engine mount.

For the cowling I have used the bottom of a plastic bleach bottle that happened to be the correct size.

From the pictures you will see that I have used balsa for the leading edge, ailerons and wing tips with carbon spars to strengthen the wings.

I have used Solarfilm for covering as the first plane only had the paper foam-board covering that didn't work too well on wet grass.

Wish me LUCK...Continue Reading
Posted by philipain | Feb 11, 2011 @ 12:58 AM | 2,941 Views
Hi Again,

here are the plans of the P2 that were published in the "Model Airplane News - May 1942"

Have a look at this website belonging to Kenny Horn
there is some very interesting articles in those old magazines. (Sorry can't get the link to work.)

My thanks to Kenny for making the magazines available.
Posted by philipain | Feb 04, 2011 @ 12:56 AM | 4,771 Views
Hi All,

I have found a few pictures of the original aircraft that might be of some interest courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum. I am still looking for some written documentation.


Posted by philipain | Jan 29, 2011 @ 03:14 AM | 2,986 Views
Hi All,
I am looking for help to find some documentation on what appears to be a little known aircraft.

While looking for a suitable scale subject for rubber powered indoor flight I come across very well drawn plans for a model that took first and second place at the 1941 national meet (USA?) The article appeared in Model Airplane News - May 1942.

The only information that is given on the supplied 3 View is as follows :- "VICTORY AIR TRANSPORT P2" The author of the article (Walter S. Eggert, jr.) states "The P2 makes a wonderful flying model due to its long fuselage, extra large tail surfaces, parasol type wing and slow flying speed."

This aircraft has taken my interest and I would now like to scale it up and build it for electric flight but would like some more information on the prototype.

Hope someone can help.