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Posted by evltoy | Oct 01, 2012 @ 12:41 AM | 6,222 Views
So... here it is. I know there is a few builds going around on the HK550gt, but I thought I would do a little more in depth with the packaging, quality of the parts, any assemble issues and fixes with recommended replacement parts I & others used. I tend to update this page with new information when I come across them and hopefully we will have some beneficial material for those wanting to build this kit.

This heli will be built for sports flying and I may attempt some basic 3D moves if my skills allow.

The base of my build will be with the aid of the Align Trex 550E Combo Manual & info from the web.

Please note that this build will take some time to complete, so donít expect this kit to be flying in a month.

The Proposed Parts that will be fitted to my kit;
- 3x TURNIGY 1258TG DIGITAL cyclic servos
- 1x Futaba BLS251 or Align DS620 Digital tail servo
- Align step down Regulator for tail servo (5.1v)
- Hobbyking YEP 100A (2~6S) SBEC Brushless Speed Controller
- T600-1100 - Turnigy T600 Brushless Outrunner for 600 Heli (1100kv)
- Futaba GY-520 Gyro
- 520mm TIG Carbon Fiber Main Blades
- Turnigy 9X8Cv2 Receiver
- Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 6S 25~50C Lipo Pack

Shipping and Packaging
I bought the kit from HK NSW warehouse on 20/09/2012 and it arrived on my desk on the 24/09/2012. Not bad shipping timeframe for $13.99. Then again I have never had any shipping issues from the NSW warehouse.

The packaging was very good. It was double boxed with...Continue Reading
Posted by evltoy | Aug 06, 2012 @ 07:38 AM | 14,594 Views
My Q1755 13.8v 23A switch mode PSU just died.

It was doing so well for over 1 year until I did something silly by running 2 ichargers 106B+. Each charger was charging a 6S 2650 Lipo and was set to 9.9A

Usually the chargers would just dumb down to 4.5A but because it was for such a long time I must of stressed the PSU until it went "POP". The PSU was very hot making me think it was a thermal overload and cooked something inside.

After opening the PSU I found no indication of dead components, the slight smell is gone too. When you turn on the PSU the switch will light up to turn off & on, but no output voltage.

So now the journey begins to find out what is wrong & replace to get it working again.
Posted by evltoy | Jul 12, 2012 @ 07:13 PM | 4,490 Views
Taken from :https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...postcount=4748

The HK500gt Build Report. 16/1/2012

I thought I would put this little build report together for people wanting to know how the kits are fairing these days. I did my build based on the Align Trex 500CF manual and the help of finless bob.

This heli is going to be doing very mild sports flying. No attempt for 3ding with this build.

Shipping and packaging

- Bought the kit from HK NSW warehouse. Arrived on my desk on the 3/1/2012. Took about 9 days due to Xmas period.
- Box came in another large box with a glider. All packaging was secure and good bubble wrap was used. No damages to box or contents within.

Parts that will be fitted to kit

- 3x Turnigy MG930 cyclic servos
- 1x Futaba S9257 tail servo
- Align step down Regulator for tail servo (5.1v)
- Hobby King SS Series 70-80A ESC w/UBEC
- Turnigy Typhoon 500H Heli Motor 1800kv
- Hobby King 401b Gyro (Cyro)
- Quanum 2.4 Telemetry System & Amp/Temp add-on
- Turnigy 9X8Cv2 Receiver
- Turnigy 2650 6S 30C-40C Lipo

Main Head

The head is big and sturdy compared to my 450SE head. I cant get over how big the blade grips are. I did a full strip down of the head. Checking for correct linkage length, tightness & insert, locktight on all screws going into metal and greasing of thrust bearings. All screws going into plastic had some CA applied. Thrust bearing was assembled correctly at factory.

Quality and Issues

- Thread...Continue Reading